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    Hello there, I have a PvP server and I need a PvP logging plugin. I have been searching all over Bukkit and other places. But I can't find a good plugin. Some are Inactive, some needs an update and some dosen't work.

    - If someone hits you, you get a message saying "You are in tagged! Do not logg out"​
    - After 10 seconds you get a message saying "You are no longer tagged! You are safe"​
    - If someone loggs out during taggs, they wil be punished with tempban, ban, warning... etc​
    - If a player loggs out during taggs, they die and loose all there stuff.​
    - Broadcast if a player loggs out during taggs​
    - MUST work with WorldGuard or SpawnProtectionPlus​
    - We can edit text and collor​
    - Edit how long a preson is tagged​
    - Edit what punishment a player gets by loggin out during taggs​
    - pvplog.admin (Permission for everything)​
    - pvplog.bypass (Bypasses the combat taggs)​
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    I posted a plugin request some days ago, and I tought I found a plugin that would work... But I was wrong, so I decidet to ReOpen my request.:)

    Here is the link, so if any of you want to check it out please do :) And if this is conciderert as spam Im sorry :/
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    I didn't get that to work propperly... I can try again, I think there is an uppdate missing... Im not sure
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    Merged threads.

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