Comat Tag 2.9?

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Niksdope, Jul 8, 2012.

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    Hello there,
    See I'm not sure if I'm posting this thread in the right section but I do believe I am requesting a plugin or at least a link to download an older version of a plugin.
    This plugin is called ComatTag. I am sure many of you know about it and could potentially help me out so please do. I am looking for Comat Tag for CB #1060, more precisely the 2.9 version of this plugin, used back in Minecraft 1.7.3. If anyone happens to stumble upon the plugin.jar please upload it or post the link to where you found it! Thanks in advance.
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    Combat tag started in
    CB 1185 so you can't get that version....​
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    I do recall servers using Combat Tag before CB 1185, but I do believe it was being developed by a different person. So if someone could just find me a link to Combat Tag 2.9 that'd be great!
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    Hey worstboy32 :D What's up? How's the server going?
    Do you remember back in Faction Action when you had Combat Tag back in the day? Like before all this hunger stuff came about? Would you happen to know where I can download the old versions of Combat Tag?
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    Deathmarine bro I know all that, but if you look at the files section in either devbukkit or Curse, you can see the plugin versions only go back as far as 3.0.. I need version 2.9 :/
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    AntiPvPLogger has been updated and better than ever

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