Colored motd multiplayer list.

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by jjacobson, Oct 26, 2012.

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    Plugin category: ?

    Suggested name: ColorList

    What I want: Plugin that colors the multiplayer MOTD/description thing. I have seen a few servers with it and it looks awesome!

    Can anyone do this?


    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin. Just a config that allows you to set the motd.

    Ideas for permissions: none.

    When I'd like it by: Im not making the plugin.
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    You don't need someone to make this bro. there are already several in existence

    I personally use the one built into Essentials
    there are also more specific ones "Search for MOTD" in bukkitdev server plugins.

    Keep in mind that most motd plugins can do colours already but you actually have to input color codes..
    as seen here LINK
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    There is nothing in the essentials config about that -.-
    Sorry but i feel you need to re-read the post because you said nothing that helped me at all. Im trying to edit the colors of the multiplayer list not the motd in game....I only called it the motd because thats what it is called in the
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    Oh well in that cause i did read it properly but your description is misleading

    Player List is called Player List :) Motd stands for Message of the Day

    the plugin you want is called "NameTags" and it requires "Tag API" to work

    This will indeed colour your "PRESS TAB" player list.

    Good luck.

    You could also use BattleTags instead. (this does the colours depending on Friend or Foe status)

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    I urge you to look through the and you will see that it is called MOTD. You still are not making any sense because name tags changes name tags.. Maybe look at the picture I posted with the op and you will see what my target is?
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    He is talking about the list you see when you open Minecraft, and go to multiplayer. Then IF you have added any servers to the list, you should see the server MOTD under the server name.
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    [​IMG] use those weird looking $
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    Weird I tried that it didn't seem to work. Ill try again though. Thanks!
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    String as1[] = s4.split("\247");
    Nope, not gonna work... because the minecraft client splits the motd, player count and max players by the '\247' character, which is that wierd '§' thing people are talking about.

    So if you would add this in your motd, this would make your motd disappear (there is some java logic behind this, just too lazy to explain) and your player count would be invalid.

    Ive tried playing with this in the CB code btw, by adding color to the motd manually in the serverping packet (Packet 254), but same as before, it kinda screws up your motd and playercount
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    So it is possible but it distorts it? Or is it not possible? If its not then how does that server that I posted have it? I looked into it and a lot of servers using asset gateway have the colors not sure if that means anything. I think that servers on asset too.
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    How would you do this? :eek:
    (§ doesn't work.)

    Do you put
    ex (using the color orange/gold) §6Hi!

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    Do note that doing so will make you're server show as offline on all minecraft server list.
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    Solution has been found (highly probable). The coloured motd has been put back into a combination of a 1.4 minecraft server and client. So all you have to do is sit back and wait for the bukkit team to finish their first release of CB ;D. Then you can, indeed put §[color code] back in the' motd.
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    This is wrong I have a server and its motd is coloured and it is seen on the server lists and the motd does break its normal exept it is coloured and it does show its offline.
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    It works fine! You have to do a §(letter or number) 'message'. It only works on 1.4.2 though. Message me if you have any questions.
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    Doesn't seem to be working properly. The text colorizes properly, but a gray question mark exists where the color code is.
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    Might be a problem on your side. Ive just decompiled minecraft's 1.4.2 client and server, and there is nothing that could conclude into gray '?' instead of just the colour code.
    There is, however, a chance that it would display '???', but that should replace the whole motd/ playercount/ maxplayers.

    (I am taking this directly from (client) and (server))
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    I just made my server a tiny little plugin "SetMOTD" and all it does is
        public void motdSet(ServerListPingEvent event){
            event.setMotd(ChatColor.DARK_GREEN + "[" + ChatColor.GREEN + "PwnCraft PvP" + ChatColor.DARK_GREEN + "] " + ChatColor.GREEN + "Survival!");
    So, it sets the MOTD to "[PwnCraft PvP] Survival!"
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    1) this is the same as what Jayza does (though she parses &[color] from the motd, so it is more flexible) and
    2) you would still need 1.4.2

    Would be a nice addition to CB though, to just add the parsing. More user friendly ;D
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    Works fine for me using §.

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    Your adding in a ' aren't you? It's not Yaml, not needed.
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    Nope, no single quotes...
    I'm still confuzzled, but those three lines fixed the issue.
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    It doesn't work for me.
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    there is an error that when you use §, it adds the code for a question mark just before the § and it replaces the § with \u00A

    so to fix this dont use §, Use \u00A instead, with the format code directly after it (the same way as when using §)

    eg. \u00Aa = §a
    \u00A6 = §6
    \u00Ae = §e
    \u00Af = §f
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    Not sure if this has been answered or not yet but if you are trying to set up a custom motd that shows up just above your Ip this is how you do it with no plugins required.

    Go to your server panel then motd and next to it add it like this

    \u00a7bZmolahah (Puts Zmolahah as motd in cyan)

    It's acutely kinda simple all you do is put \u00a7 followed by a Minecraft colour code then add your text for example &l is bold on minecraft so \u00a7l is bold for the motd for a list of mc codes go here: then if you see something you like for example I want my motd in light blue just do \uooa79motd here! and if you wanted to add multiple colours do \uooa79Light Blue!\uooa71 Dark Blue!
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    THer a plugin out there called colour motd I have it on my server
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