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    Plugin category: Items

    Suggested name: ArmorSet

    What I want: If you collect a set of armor and wear it, you will get effects. Here's an example.
    If you wear a leather armor with these names, "Egyptian Hat" + "Egyptian Clothes" + "Egyptian Pants" + "Egyptian Boots," the person who's wearing all of these armors will get a night vision effect while wearing these. But you need all 4 to get the effect. The name, armor type, and what effect it will give is configurable.
    Ideas for commands: /armorset r (Reloads ArmorSet config)

    Ideas for permissions: armorset.use (You need this permission to get the effect)

    When I'd like it by: Take your precious time :D

    Sry for the weird english! ^q^
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    How would you acquire the armor in the first place?
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    Oops, I forgot about that part, but by using color codes for the name of the armor, it will be not possible to get the special armor by renaming it on an anvil.
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    That sounds cool. Do you already have something that generates the actual armor sets (with these color codes), or would this plugin have to do that too?
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    The plugin doesn't need to generate the armors :)
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    I started working on this... I'll let you know how it goes!
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    Thx man! This is going to be awesome! :D
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    Wooow! That looks aweeeesome! Here's some additions that will be really helpful! :)
    Support for attribute effects + Other armor types + Color code support + and maybe particle effects!
    So if these features is added in the future, the config might look like this ^^
    - frog
    - fish
    display-name: &6&oFrog
    armor: leather
    red: 8
    green: 192
    blue: 132
    effect: JUMP
    amp: 1
    attributes: generic.movementSpeed attributeamp: 2 particles: ender_signal
    red: 8
    green: 11
    blue: 132
    amp: 0
    And thank you soo much for making my wish come true! xD
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    its a custom enchant ment but its a lore

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