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    Plugin category: (Not sure)

    Suggested name: AresCoins

    What I want: This is for our minigames what are all on different servers including maps, so basically i believe this would run better as two plugins, one is the reciever, the other the sender. So the command /coin add {playername} (amount) (Configurable) This happens when a player gets a kill, this can be coded into the plugins dont worry. Then the receiving plugin gets the coins via a MySQL database and adds it the the scoreboard for the player.

    Ideas for commands: /coin add {playername} (amount)

    Ideas for permissions: coins.admin (Lets the players with that permission add coins to themself

    When I'd like it by: Whenever its ready :)
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    you can use an economy plugin like "essentials", a plugin that you get for kills like "killermoney" and a scoreboard plugin wich has variables for the economy plugin like "Info-Board"
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    We had to remove essentials from lobbys and games due to bugs etc
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    there are more economy plugins. You just need the plugin "Vault". In the plugin "Info-Board" is the Money variable a variable from the plugin "Vault"

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