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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by ahuby09, Apr 10, 2014.

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    hello i am going to be releasing a team code of which is easy to use
    • coloured name tags what has been implemented by using the NameTagAPI (you will need to include the .jar in your plugin download for the name tags to work
    • colored blocks on heads corresponding with team
    • chat colours are also corresponding with the teams
    • easy to hook into
    • simplistic code
    To add
    • maybe a scoring system
    • colored Armour
    please request some functions you would like to see implemented in this teams code
    i am going to be linking you to pastebin as i don't know how to format code on here (i have tried)
    how to get nametags to work
    you will need to make a noteblock have a current every so often (your choice can be done with repeaters) This is so that the player is not constantly flashing and only flashes once every so offen , the flashing happens because of the tagAPI updating every time the noteblock triggers (you can change the event to what ever you would like )
    None as of yet
    Please leave feedback as i would like to know whether this is a good post
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    No need to put -new in the title
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    how can i change that , :3
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    I think edit conversation at the top not sure
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    done anyway does it look ok to you ?
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    Yea maybe [Class] Quick Teams
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    Full plugin code is not what resources are for....
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    I wouldn't bother with custom nametags seeing as Mojang just broke them.
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    oh didn't know they just broke them :( thats crap
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    You should really reformat your code in your IDE and repost it. It is shockingly hard to read..
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    Jade Retired Staff

    Moved to a more fitting section.
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    its just how pastebin and that shows my code :L
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