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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by komes, Feb 2, 2011.

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    Ok well here is my problem. I have made the basics to this plugin i am fiddling around with, for my first project. And i have ran into this problem. So i have 3 classes BlastPick.java, BlastPickPlayerListener.java, BlastPickBlockListener. and in my PlayeListener i have 2 methods onPlayerCommand and onLength.

    public int onLength(PlayerChatEvent event) {
              String s;
              int Length = 0;
              String[] split = event.getMessage().split(" ");
                if ((split[0].equalsIgnoreCase("/BlastLength"))) {
                    s = split[1];
                    Length = Integer.parseInt(s.trim());
                return Length;

    public void onPlayerCommand(PlayerChatEvent event) {
              //Make the message a string.
                String[] split = event.getMessage().split(" ");
                //Get the player that talked.
                Player player = event.getPlayer();
                //If the first part of the string is /BlastPick or /b then do this.
                if ((split[0].equalsIgnoreCase("/BlastBox"))) {
                    //Run the method toggleVision for player

    How would i get the return value of my onLength method into my blocklistener class.
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    what is the problem then
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    You never specified what the problem was
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    sorry for not putting my question i have edited it.
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    If you need to do such a thing why not have BlastPick supersede the other two classes and define onLength() there?

    The simple solution here is to make onLength() static and call BlastPickPlayerListener.onLength(param);

    public static int onLength(PlayerChatEvent event) {
              //do stuff
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    I agree, make it static if its a method that doesn't need an instance of a class to use.

    Even better, separate out 'helper' methods like that into a utilities class that is static and just access the methods from there.
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    yeah i solved my problem by using a hashmap.
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