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    Features wanted:
    - Fire Strait with bows!
    - Swords are instant kills
    - Don't drop player items- Custom drops.
    - Claymore = instant kill when in contact.
    - Break glass on shots!
    - Grenades! = Instant Kill
    - HeadShot = More damage and +50 points
    - Automatic = Rapid Fire
    - Sniper = instantkill and longer reloads
    - Shotgun = Spray arrows!
    - Pistol = Weak damage.
    - Riot Shield = 2 hits for 1 kill Use iron block?
    - Custom Classes! = Like making classes command: /class <ClassName>
    Guns: <--- As many guns as you want & killstreaks+grenades,flashes
    - <weapon> <ammo>
    Perks: <--- As many perks as you want.
    - <perk>
    Killstreaks: <--- As many killstreaks as you want.
    - <killstreak> <Points To Earn>
    - Flash grenade = Potion effect Blindness
    - Perks
    - Sleight of hand = Fast reloading
    - Marathon = Faster and longer running!
    - Hardened = Shoot through certain materials.
    - DoublePoints = Earn kill streaks 2 times as fast!
    - Scavenger = Pick up ammo from enemies
    - FeatherFalling = No fall damage
    - Armour = Stronger
    - Juggernaut = Lessen explosive damage
    - Jumper = Higher Jumping!
    - Armour = More health but less speed
    - reloading
    - Points per kill = Player: +100 Zombie: +75 Other: +???
    - Kill Streaks = Use points and /use <KillStreakName> <OptionalPlayerName>
    - Predator Missile. = 1 instant kill tnt drops from sky
    - Attack Dogs. = Send 7 Dogs to kill enemies for 1 minute
    - MOAB = Kill all players in 8 seconds....
    - Turret = Automatic dispenser turret that kills enemies within radius. Place ammo inside.
    - RPG = Explosive arrow! instant kill
    - Perks as well.

    Please freely use these ideas to make a plugin. Please do send me a link to the finished product and I tried to make this look like you don't need spout because some ppl don't like it, but if it uses spout that is even better for me. Mod=Great! Bukkit=GREAT!!!! Spout=OMFG SOOO GREAT!!!!!
    Thanks for reading :) Have a nice day!

    EDIT: Permission nodes for things like "cod.<class/weapon/killstreak/all>.<name>"
    cod.class.<ClassName> Specify classes allowed to use.
    cod.weapon.<WeaponName> Specify weapons allowed to use.
    cod.killstreak.<killstreak> = Specify killstreaks allowed to use.
    cod.all = Use everything!
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    Whats C.O.D?
    Are you talking about the fish?
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    I believe he is referring to call of duty, you silly goose.
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    What a silly plugin request....
    Plus you will need spout for this.
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    1. You don't look 32
    2. Just buy the game on steam, and lower the graphic settings all the way down, BOOM your playing cod minecraft graphics.
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    Don't make me laugh, they haven't changed anything in the past 5 releases. You don't even need to turn the graphics down to make them worse than Minecraft, in my opinion.
  8. Why does everybody want to make a request of a plugin that is already made?
    Click me
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    If you want guns then just check out PvPGuns or Guns+ to make the guns, then use something for kill streaks and teams.
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    The plugins don't have what I want in them.

    1. You don't need spout for this.
    2. It will have some awkward moments without it tho :p
    3. If you read this all you'd see that I said it'd be awesome if it has spout.

    1. When did I say I was 32?
    2. No.

    I will email you tomorrow.

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    Your profile
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    That is exactly what I was going to say... EXACTLY!
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    Call of duty. now so dull people dont even want to buy the game to play it.
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    Some people are cheap like that.
    like me.
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    Well, BO2 sounds interesting with all those campaign, zombie, gun, and multiplayer features. Eh, I'll just stick to the actual game itself. The other guy who seemed interested in making this plugin won't respond so I guess he lost interest.

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