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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Mads_Vilhelm, Nov 12, 2020.

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  1. Hey..

    I am new to programming so I am trying to make a simple plugin that plants a new cocoa when you break one. You can only break the cocoa when it is full grown. The problem is that when I set the Crop state of the cocoa the cocoa change direction. I have tried but i can't find a way to rotate a cocoa automatically.

    I hope you can help

    Here is my code:

        public void onBlockBreak(BlockBreakEvent breakevent) {
            Player p = breakevent.getPlayer();
            Block blc = breakevent.getBlock();
            //if it is a cocoa
            if (blc.getTypeId() == 127) {
                //I have checked that this is a full grown cocoa number
                if (blc.getData() > 7) {
                    p.sendMessage(ChatColor.GREEN + "Du høstede en kokusnød");
                //If it's not a full grown cocoa
                else {
                    p.sendMessage(ChatColor.RED + "Kokusnøden skal være fuldvoksen før du kan høste den");
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    So i am not sure , but maybe you could get the BlockFace of the broken cocoa and the set as the BlockFace of the new one
  3. I will try that.

    I have tried to make a line of code that prints the face direction but it just prints out SELF. Can you tell me what that mean? I can't find the meaning on it any where.

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    Instead of checking the TypeID, get the type (Material) and compare it to another material using .equals()

    A problem you have, is that you are cancelling the event both times, which will just end up not letting the player break the cocoa
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