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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by killerbigmacs, Nov 17, 2014.

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    Hello Bukkit community! Today I am requesting in my opinion what is rather simple plugin! (But hey, what do I know! :p)

    Name: CobbleWall Regen

    Commands: /cwr reload, /cwr create <name>, /cwr finish <time>, /cwr delete <name>

    Perms: None, op gets this by default

    Description: When you type /cwr create <name> it gives you a world edit wand. You then select an area with Cobble Wall in it and type /cwr finish <time> which creates an area where players can destroy Cobble Walls and the wall regen after a certain amount of time. When you make a region over a Cobble wall regen area where players can not destroy you will still be able to destroy the walls. If anyone tries to place any cobble walls in the region after it has been created it will no allow them, you first have to delete the region, place all the walls again, then recreate it.

    SIDE REQUEST: (Integrated into CWR) In a cobble wall region players can place tnt and it will auto ignite only destroying any cobble walls that are in the blast radius)
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    Dont say "simple" in your description or anywhere. Developers will run as far away as possible
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    mrCookieSlime I was thinking about that, but doesn't that reset the entire?

    xNamesi Thats why I put this
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    the what?
    I think you forgot to finish your sentence. ^^
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    Haha, yea whoops. I meant doesn't that reset every thing in the region though?

    mrCookieSlime And also, how could I make it do players can only destroy the walls, not the buildings?

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    Please dont double post. There is an Edit Button right next to the Date.
    And yes, it resets everything in the region you specified.
    And you can do this by sinply just selection the walls only.

    I actually never used it but you would have to select the area, then create the mine and just set the blocks to 100% cobblestonewalls.
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    I would like to thank you guys for your suggestions, I will check them out. I would still love though if someone would be able to develop this for me
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