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    essentails lwc performance tweaks xauth iconomy ichat world guard world edit and permissions. unless its a conflict with another plugin its yours because when i removed my player.dat file it was fine until i entered the /os command again. it starts to try to send we to the new world but then it flashes something and goes blank.
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    Maybe since you did mention you didn't have a whole lot of RAM I'm guessing that your server can't handle the Aether
    : / sorry :'(
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    that's cool I'm getting more ram next month anyway (After everything is ready to go public) maybe ill get it then :) interesting to know the minum specs any way​
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    That's why I'm testing :)

    Thank you for a video :)

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    Hey heres me demostrating the no fall death glitch
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    Thats probs because you were godded :p but if not yes thats bug :D
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    Do you have God Mode on? And I noticed in the first video you didn't use the actual command I made to go to the Aether which is fine I'm just curious xD I just jumped off my world and died. :eek:
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    Damn maybe ur right let me check... Yep i was godded scratch that but heres the hole in floor error

    Yeah i was godded i dont know the command? but most /tp's and warps are ended with a hole in floor error

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    /os = Go to Aether
    /osr = Return From Aether
    /sos = Set Spawn point in Aether
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    Thanks... If there's another other glitches ill post a vid
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    So, just a little curious here, does this plugin actually give you the Aether for multiplayer with all the new items, monsters, etc, or does it just generate a skylands world?
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    *Attempts to contemplate difference this and SkyLands mods*
    *Unable to comtemplate*
    No seriously, what is it?
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    Yeah this just looks like it generates a standard skylands world like from MultiVerse or another Multi-world management plugin. I don't see anything from the aether. I would at least expect it to have some similarities via ItemCraft
  15. I have the same issue, I tried both going by aetherportal and going by /os and I get a blank screen and server says I disconnect. and I seem to have plenty of ram to spare. maybe a bug in world generation?

    ah, seems you can't run this with the aethermod installed?

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    No, Nothing new just generates a Aether World. New blocks can't be added to Bukkit unless using a client this is simply a plugin that generates a Aether, Why? Because I was bored on my Trans-Atlantic flight. I've never used Multiverse so I don't see why I can't make a plugin that simply takes you there. Not saying that your saying anything different just after reading your posts I was hurt for some reason.. Maybe the plugin is absolutely useless, maybe no one will download it, maybe multiverse is better, idc ;) I make plugins cause of the enjoyment of making plugins.

    I talked to a kid earlier about this and you did mention what I said about the ram ;) So it's just a completely Black screen? Wait a min, Aether mod for mulitplayer is out? If it is I'm = :eek:, I guess being gone for a week a lot of things change, lol.

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  17. no, I mean the clientside mod/singeplayer
    If I'm on the server using that client(minecraft.jar) I get a black screen, when trying to teleport to the aether, if I use vanilla minecraft.jar I can go there fine, but it's like ordinary skylands so might as well use the multiverse plugin.

    edit: I think a more fitting name for this plugin is "SimpleSkylands", because that's what it is, it's not the "aether" made famous by the clientmod "aether mod"... to clear up confusions :)
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    Well there is already a "Simple Skylands" so I can't call it that xD Anyways, I know this doesn't appeal to most people but I thought going to Aether/Skylands would be awesome. I'm sorry that it isn't what you expected... and sorry again for wasting your time just go use multiverse I guess. If I get the same response from most people I'll trash it..
  19. why don't you try to find something that can make this mod stand out a bit more? :)
    I'm sure you can think of something , but yeah I will go with multiverse for now since we're already using that (we got normal, survival, nether and skylands, and also a sandbox world xD)
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    So I've decided to halt the release, I've watched some videos on the Aether and decided to try my best to create the best of the Aether experience using the blocks already in Minecraft. Once the Aether comes to multiplayer as a mod or update I'll terminate it :) I'll be back for more testing once I add some features.

    I'm watching videos on the Aether and going to try and add features to the plugin I'll be back for more testing. :)

    For Now to Avoid confusion here is the Aether plugin SO FAR

    Nothing special... yet.
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    Oh nonono, was not meant to be rude in any way. I will probably use this if you make a way for ops to allow certain people in. That's what I need for my server.
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    I need some suggestions to add to the plugin please keep in mind:
    • I cannot add block/items.
    • I cannot add new mobs.
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    Generated aboveground ruins/dungeons. Also one that has multi hidden spawners that spawns alot of mobs with a chest room with stuff like swords, and such. But thats just an idea. Hmm. Nothin more on my mind. Maybe a built in glide with a feather for those without fly mods.
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    I thought it would be an Aether plugin! it's just a simple skylands plugin...

    Release it when you make a world generator. Hint: use skylands with a custom populator.
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    Lol, yeah I pissed a lot of people off but I did add a video and changed the thread title ;)

    Alright I'll look into these ideas

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    Ok, I think I found a flaw in this. Pretty sure it corrupted my map. Ok, Well I was suspicous this morning when I logged on to see all the grass had changed a little bit. Then to start up the server again to find well look at this.
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    Idea! Make it so if you fall into the void in the skylands/aether, you spawn back in the normal world at the location you fell from.
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    I second this! Above ground spawners with different kinds of items (already made by notch of course) in the dungeon chests would be awesome. I was also thinking you could maybe add something that lets pigs fly if you saddle them (as I hear can be done in the real aether SP mod). I'm not sure how hard this would be, but it sure would be cool! Adding on to that, maybe you could give all aether mobs "special" properties.

    I would also like to know something... when the plugin is released might it be possible for me to base my whole server in the aether. What I mean is, when someone joins the server, instead of spawning in a normal map, they spawn in the skylands and there is NO normal world. That would be pretty awesome. The reason I ask this is because I am looking to make a unique server... and a server where you have to survive in the skylands sounds pretty darn unique/awesome to me.
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    i have a pretty small private server 4gigs of ram and i created a legit single player world with this mod and have had more fun than ever before on minecraft. I want to test it because it is amazing in single player and it would be even better in multiplayer. oh and im on almost everyday. Sometimes my cousin gets on, so 1-2 people a day. and can i get some help port forwarding id like a real server. Every time i port forward and run my server it says a server is already running on that port, but there isn't. please help. around 8 plugins on the private server.
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    I want to play with my Friend, with the Aethermod in SMP.

    4GB Ram (Hamachi)
    No Laggs. with over 6 People (NO LAGG!)
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