[CLOSED] UltimateJail - The Final Replacement For JailLikeHell and Jail

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Deleted user, Jun 12, 2012.

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    Deleted user

    Jail++ - The Final Replacement For JailLikeHell and Jail
    Find us on IRC! #jail++
    Welcome, one and all, to the recruitment/progress page for Jail++!
    We, being imjake9 , matejdro , and ShootToMaim , have realized that it is useless to compete against each other when we have plugins doing the exact same thing. We were inspired by Guardian.
    Warning: Outdated Post. Please visit the BukkitDev page for Jail++ (link in my signature)¸​
    Current Approved Developers:​
    @Torrent (INACTIVE)
    matejdro (INACTIVE)
    @Misugaru (INACTIVE)
    imjake9 (INACTIVE)
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    i can help :p
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    I would love to help, I have been wanting to work on a team project. You can see some of my work on github, and if you have any questions to ask me, I would be glad to answer them :)
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    I would love to join as a dev on this project
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    I'd like to join your team. I can do mostly everything related to plugins. It would be awesome to take a part in open source public project.
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    Seems like you already have a good team. If there's a free slot, I hope you would consider adding me in. I could definitely consolidate some of my work from my own fork of SimpleJail by imjake9
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    Unfortunately I'm away until 25th June, so I cannot really help you until then. :(
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    I'd be interested in helping.
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    Deleted user

    I've seen your plugin. :). You're in. There are always open slots. This will probably be the biggest Jail plugin in the history of Bukkit, so we need all the help we can get.
    I'm not that great at hashmaps and such, so I'll be a proof-reader/promoter.
    You have been accepted. Welcome to the team! More details to come.
    You have been accepted. Welcome to the team! More details to come.
    Welcome to the team :).
    More details to come!
    Welcome to the team! More details to come!
    You have been accepted! More details on this project to come!
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    everyone here got a like, so i'll take one too
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    Your welcome.
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    I'd wanna join, but I won't be available for another week, 'till the 19th :(
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    @ShootToMaim Will you have an API for this as well. Considering I would like to hook into this when its complete for Ultrabans.
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    messageofdeath was working on the API last I saw.
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    So this is why I could not find the Jail plugin this morning, had to manually type in the URL and got pointed over to here, anthow I hope this will have some of the key features of the Jail plugin, these are:
    Separate jail cells for players with name signs and double chest.
    • Storing of jailed players items in a double chest which jailed players cant open but people with correct permission can.
    • Offline jailing of players as we find things done when they are not on to be talked too, we use the jails as a holding area.
    • Teleport to a location after unjail, in our case the rules room.
    • Correct permission system, we use PermissionsEx.
    • And many more feautures which could be considerd core.
    Hopefully at the same time keeping it lightweight. No dependencies would also be nice, so no having to install another plugin such as vault just to get the core functionality
  16. Maybe you should just post a github link so everybody that wants to is able to contribute. I'm to busy for example, but in some bored moment I could think about writing a bit of code for it. But for that little work I won't be part of the team.
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    I can't comment on every point as some logistics haven't been decided on, so I'll try and address what I can based on what I know.
    I'm integrating my work on inventory handling. With this, there's no need to have a "jail chest" (therefore accessible anywhere/anytime) and there will be finite control over who can view and / or modify inventory based on permission. I can consider adding a inventory-chest dump sign if you really want a physical chest.
    Offline support is an obvious must.
    Pretty much a staple for typical jail plugins... If/when we go the multi-jail route, I'd be pushing for per-jail configurations.
    Err.. I don't think I'd call any one permission plugin "correct"... but rest assured, I'm positive we'd be supporting the major group permission plugins.
    While I don't mind Vault personally, I think the team has opted to not use it for this project.
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    I think it's: https://github.com/UltimateDev/UltimateJail


    Thank you for getting back to me. Couple of things to say:
    • I take it we will still have cells as an option with a sign saying player name?
    • Your inventory handling, you say this would be permissions based, would you only be able to access inventories of players who are jailed? I wouldn’t want staff accessing anyone’s inventory regardless of whether they are jailed or not. That’s where chests can come in handy as only those with access to the jail and correct permission can see inside chests and you can quickly go round the cells and see who has what without having to write it out each time.
    • Offline support, glad to hear.
    • I used the word “correct” in the wrong context here, I agree with you there is no correct permissions plugin. Anyhow glad to here you’ll be supporting the major permissions systems.
    • Also glad to hear about not using Vault, not that I have anything against it I’m just trying to keep everything as low as possible.
    Thank you,

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    I honestly have no idea how they're going to handle the jails. I'm sorta being hands off on that until things solidify.
    There will be two permission nodes regarding jailed players inventory. One to allow viewing and another to allow modification. It doesn't access inventories for those that are not jailed. For that, there's an excellent plugin already. As for physical chests, I'm working on an implementation that should act as a compromise for your request.
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    My skype is

    Just to let you know
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    No problem! :)

    And yes I use that plugin myself just wanted to make sure that those who dont have access to openinv but do have access to the jail system can only see those inventories. All other news is good, thanks for the replies.

    I'll keep my eye on this topic - good luck to you all.
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    Deleted user

    We plan on making our own system for this plugin, as it's planned to be huge.
    PermissionsEx? OF COURSE! All SuperPerms are expected to be compatible.
    Unjail Point? Easy. I can add in that feature using JLH.
    Offline jailing? Well of course!
    Double chest? I'll have to look into that.
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    Don't worry about the inventory. Most of it has been added, just not implemented for the specific use to this plugin... because there's no items to save/get in storage just yet.
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    Awesome ! I waiting for that one. \:D/
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    matejdro says that this will "soon" replace his Jail plugin. How soon is soon? Asking because I'm starting to get a little annoyed with Jail being buggier on my server. =/​
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    Honestly, I'm sort of worried about "Jail" going away and this one taking its place, since "Jail" was awesome.
    Separate Cells is a must.
    ability to try and escape is a must.
    storing items in a double chest is a must.
    inmates should be able to access their chest while attempting to escape.
    I really liked the jail stick thing.
    Paying money to end sentence is a must.
    Adding time for bad behavior (trying to break things) is a must.
    I hate the idea of too many commands to make any plugin work and that should be avoided as much as possible, especially for regular (non admin/moderator) players.
    the ability to set allowable interactions (allow use of levers, but not buttons...can break smooth stone, but not stone brick..stuff like that).

    Honestly, I saw nothing wrong with "Jail" aside from the few features that didn't work yet, so I'm somewhat disappointed.
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    Gotta admit, I agree with this guy for this one.
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    I can help test this!
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    I am and admin on zjminekraft.no-ip.org and we are big fans of the Jail plugin by matejdro. I would love to help test this new plugin If you need it.
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    any idea when this is getting released??:D
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