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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by BrandonHopkins, Jun 2, 2012.

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    Anyone with a fair mind and can turn on a computer can read. The perfect server package is Commandbook + WorldEdit + WorldGuard
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    Matter of opinion :D I switched from CommandBook because the amount of plugins I needed to match the features of essentials was no much.

    Completed the list of plugins I think should be featured, How is the order?
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    Where is Essentials/CMDBook?
    Also, voxel sniper shouldn't be at the top IMO
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    If you know how to use it well it is the best plugin you can use, also
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    No LogBlock or VanishNoPacket? :/
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    VanishNoPacket is great
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    what does that do?
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    One of the simplest things you can do with it:
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    Aww no bPermissions :(

    We have 110k downloads now - I think it's at least worth a mention.
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    *cough* bPermissions is superior to all permission plugins *cough*
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    Not trying to start a permissions war here, but if you're going to mention PEX you might as well mention that if you don't actually want tons of errors and issues with the system that there is a nice thing called bPermissions that you can use.
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    My personal favorite - VariableTriggers

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    Ok Ok Ok, Ill talk about GroupManager, PEX, and bPermissions and say it based off of preference :)

    Here is my "Script" so far. Tell me if you think anything should be changed.
    Show Spoiler

    Coming in at number 10 is Votifier, What this plugin does is allows you to give you players rewards for voting for your server on sites like planetminecraft, mcserverlist, and other sites like like that. The reason I like and use this plugin is it gives your players a reason to vote and that helps increase your servers populartiy.

    Next we have Multiverse, Now this is a world managment plugin that allows you to easily manage your world and provide different settings fpr each world. What I ise to use this for was to have a creative world for donors in my server and I would give them access to it though permissions.

    Then we got LWC, Currently this is the most popular locking plugin out there. This plugin provides the most features for any locking plugin out there. You can add people to your lock, use passwords, and more.

    For number 7 we have DynMap. This plugin is personally one of my favorite plugins. What is it is a live map that you can run on your server allowing you to see player locations and look at the terrain from above in high detail. The other thing I love about it is the customizable factor in it and all the different options this plugin gives you.

    - NoCheat

    Comming in at number 5 is mcMMO, mcMMO is a plugin that gives your players a leveling system for almost everything they do, wether it from Mining to PvP. You can also add rewards like custom drops and skills for the thing they are doing.

    Now number 4 is BuyCraft. What is plugin does is it allows you to sell or players ingame items with real money intantly with Paypal or some other payment methode, it even has a online store. This plugin will help you pay for the server and if it is used enough earn a little extra money on the side.

    Next up at number 3 is good ol Permissions. Now there are many permissions plugins that you can use, I personally perfer GroupManager but there are other permissions plugins such as bPerimissions and PEX. Permission plugins allow you to set groups and give those groups different permissions plugins. A permissions plugin is required for running a stable server.

    - WorldEdit/Gaurd

    - VoxelSniper

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    if only it would support permissions and multiworld...
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    Definitely disappointed that you'd put a buggy PEX or GM above better coded bPermissions or Privileges or PermissionsBukkit. The request here definitely feels more like "I'm going to talk about my favorite plugins I run on my server" and less like actual community contribution. Essentials as an important part of a server? It's a great plugin for beginners who don't know any better and want cookie-cutter servers, but you describe your list as "best plugins" not "best for beginners".
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    Gotta remember these are the same people that think Essentials is number 1. Obviously we aren't amongst developers here. Anyways bpermissions is fantastic for n00bs simply because it's very flexible. More people use permissionsEX just because of the thousands of formatting programs for it and the Bukkit Help thread. In fact, I think I remember seeing the 3 users that made this topic in the help thread with the title "My PEX wont work". @OP Just know, bpermissions is extremely easy, CommandBook is written with silk and Essentials is well Essentials.
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    I have never had any problems with PEX or GroupManager, and yes bPermissions is coded far cleaner and better than both of those plugins. It is my personal opinion in my choice for using GroupManager over bPermissions in that I use to it and have had no problems and enjoy the different files for different worlds. I am talking about all 3 plugins in the video.
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    AdminCMD, WorldEdit, Mobtoggle.
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    bPermissions has the exact same different files for different worlds too you know >.<
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