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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by BrandonHopkins, May 25, 2013.

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    Hello! Here is the list so far. I need help creating a order, removing, and replacing if necessary. Here are the plugins and begin posting your opinions!

    New Top 10 List: (in order)
    1. CraftBook ( )
    2. GreafPrevention (Grief Prevention )
    3. Fe ( )
    4. WorldBorder ( )
    5. Precious Stones ( )
    6. FirstJoinPlus ( )
    7. HealthBar ( )
    8. BloodMoon ( )
    9. BattleKits ( )
    10. CommandHelper (
    Before Posting your nominations please read this:
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    My List:

    1. CraftBook
    2. CommandHelper
    3. NoCheatPlus
    4. WorldBorder
    5. HealthBar
    6. Prism
    7. GriefPrevention
    8. Citizens
    9. Precious Stones
    10. Residence
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    I'm attempting to include really good plugins that aren't used as much so people do learn some new information when they watch my video. I do highly agree with you list though thanks for the input!

    I wonder if TnT has any input :eek:

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    Good job BrandonHopkins. As apposed to just taking the ten most popular plugins for your list you seem to have approached your list with the goal of bringing newer, lesser known plugins to a greater audience.
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    GreafPrevention = GriefPrevention ;)
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    Thank you very much :) It annoys me when I see the same old top 10 lists. (Essentials, Worldedit, iConomy, etc)

    I will be going this this list if I don't get any other input. I really like/agree with this one. :D

    Did a little movin,

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    Could no one find anything less-known and more unique to replace NoCheatPlus? (If you aren't spotlighting AntiCheat, you'd probably want to steer away from NCP for the same reasons as well.)

    Personally, I think that BloodMoon (hi Jacek :p) would make a good addition to the list. Seems very exciting, and you don't have any plugins of its type on your existing list.

    EDIT: Just noticed that you have a lot of region protection plugins! GriefPrevention, PreciousStones, and Residence... That's 3/10 :confused:
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    Everyone knows about vault and stuff... he obs wants to give lesser known plugins a chance
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    NoCheat Removed and BloodMoon added :D Today is the day I'm finalizing this list!
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    Residence is so painful to use. Not sure how it ended up on the list.
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    Any suggestions to replace it?
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    I'm going to start writing my script. Last chance for suggestions.
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    Do my topic suggestions for craftbook via inbox fit the allocated timeframe?
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    I think I'm going to remove prism from the list. Anyone have any different suggestions?
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    DisguiseCraft maybe? It's a good plugin.
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    My list: All custom plugins coded by me :p
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    1: Essentials
    2: GroupManager
    3: CrackShot
    4: COM: Zombies
    5: KitsPreview
    6: PvpBounty
    7: Emoticons
    8: ProWalls
    9: idk
    10: idk
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