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    Plugin category: Utilities

    Suggested name:
    MCSeasons | Client Mode

    What I want: I want a plugin that allows my clients to view their builds easier. It will be user friendly and simple.

    Client Mode: When a player with the permission "mcseasons.clientmode" joins the server, they are automatically put in vanish, gamemode 1, and they can NOT interact with players or blocks. For example, if a builder is looking right at a block but a player in client mode is directly in front of the block, the builder can still place the block as if the client isn't even there.

    The client will have some items in the hotter. Might I add that the items can not be moved or dropped, they also can not get items from the creative inventory OR pick up items.

    Item 1: Inventory slot 1: A compass that is named "Teleport Tool" when the client right clicks the compass they get a double chest GUI that is titled "Click a head to teleport", all of the players with the permission "mcseasons.head" will have their heads displayed in the GUI, when the client hovers above a head it says the player's username and under that "Click to teleport" and if they click the head they are TPed to the said player. The client can't edit the GUI or drop the heads.

    Item 2: Slot 9, A blaze rod that is named "Leave Client Mode" when the client right clicks it, they are exited out of Client Mode and they can behave normally in the game. It will say in chat "MCSeasons >> You have left client mode, use "/clientmode on" to return to client mode!" And when they run /clientmode on they get "MCSeasons >> You have enabled client mode" and they are put back into the mode. These two messages should be bold and colorful.

    Ideas for commands: /clientmode on : Re-Enables the mode

    Ideas for permissions: mcseasons.clientmode : Allows the player to be put instantly into client mode when they log in
    mcseasons.head : Allows player to be on the head GUI to be teleported to

    When I'd like it by: April 5-6th
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    I love this idea, But you can just use the server.prop and use default game mode to 3 and put the force game mode to true. But there are plugins that do this on the Gta 5 build server by n11ck.. do /? and look at his plugins.. Also the click head to teleport can be used as the plugin: tpa heads
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    I want this please
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    When they leave client mode, will it just put them where they currently are or teleport them to the spawn/other location?
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    Where they currently are
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    AFKAIK this cannot be done.

    "MCSeasons" what does this plugin name mean?
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    Depends on who makes the check, client or server. But if the client doesnt know that there is a player there.
    And it probably is a server name.
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    Can anyone do this?
    And yes its the build team name
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