Solved ClassNotFoundException - But why?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Tabpi, Jun 25, 2016.

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    Hey there,
    The main plugin of my server was deleted, but that is not too bad because I wanted to update it to a new level anyway.
    So I created a new plugin (MainPlugin) and I think I followed the same steps like before, but now on every server start there is this error:
    Here are some other infos:
    I hope anyone can explain to me. :/
    Looking forward to nice answers,
    Tabpi :3
  2. Look in the exported .jar file if the main class is in the path. Everything else seems ok
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    @Tabpi Well as your stacktrace says, it cant find your main class. You plugin.yml seems to be fine with the location of the class. The only thing i would guess is that you may not be exporting the plugin correcty.
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    I already looked inside jar and export options, here are screenshots:

    IntelliJ IDEA - Artifacts: Export1.PNG
    Inside the built jar file:
    Yeah, it's German ^_^

    I really don't understand how to solve this :/
  5. Wow really useful if you hide your name in the second picture but it shows it in the first one /_.

    Maybe the plugin.yml is in the wrong location. Right click on your project folder and create the plugin.yml file in there. Not in src or in your package
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    Now that I look at it, I don't even know why I censored it, my first name actually doesn't matter ^_^
    And I think I tried your thought earlier. I can't try it at the moment, but I'm pretty sure there will be the same error :/
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    You're exporting it wrong; you're exporting the source, not the actual class files. Not entirely too sure how you did that, but here's what it should look like (obviously include plugin.yml; mine doesn't for dev reasons)
    You need to drag the "compile output" into "MainPlugin.jar"
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    Oh... uhm... hehe... eh...
    Well, this was unexpected for me. Compile output makes much more sense actually!
    Thank you all for fixing a brain afk ^-^

    btw, I really like this animation, @Cirno :3
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