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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by JMCY26, Mar 25, 2020.

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    I have looked for several plugins like this, 2011 SpongeRestore no longer works, PandaSponge from 2016 no longer saves the configuration on reload. Worldguard config doesn't maintain the radius and all other plugins are outdated by several years.

    Suggested name: ClassicSponge

    What I want: A plugin that when I place a block of Sponge down, it creates a configured radius, removing and stopping water from coming into that radius until the Sponge block is removed. The Sponge block does not get wet. Like alpha sponge mechanics. This does not affect fire or lava only water.

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin, just a config to change the radius size a sponge block affects the area.

    Ideas for permissions: Classicsponge.bypass - bypass the plugin so it does not affect sponge blocks placed by the user.

    If someone could make this for me I'd highly appreciate the assistance.
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    Have a specific version you would want this on? I think I could help out!
    I found this
    I know you wanted a newer one, but this pretty much as all the features you were interested in.
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    1.15.2, bukkit/spigot/paper if possible please.

    I'll give that plugin ago thank you! Though I've found with the old 2012/2013 plugins they don't maintain their save configuration when the server is reloaded.

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    Hey, so the plugin recommended above spams a ton of errors whenever used,

    Could anyone look into making this please?
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