Classes: Elf, Viking, Knight, Mage, Undead etc.

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    Plugin category: FUN/PVP

    Suggested name: Class Abilities? McRaces? (Working title)

    Hello bukkit, I've been searching far and wide for a plugin which has a class system giving certain traits/perks depending on which class you choose.

    I am aware of the Guilds-Avo plugin, and the Heroes Class system. But there are some problems I have with both plugins. Guilds is no longer being actively developed, the plugin page isn't written too well, and users of it in the forums complain about it being loaded with bugs. As far as Heroes Classes goes, my server is McMMO based, and I really don't need another wide range leveling plugin, let alone I believe it would clash with my players current skill levels.

    What I would like to see developed: A plugin that lets you pick (and level up) one class with added abilities and disabilities in order to promote team based fighting groups. A player may change classes if they choose, but will lose their current level in the class they currently are. The classes I have in mind are;

    Pros - Higher bow damage dealt, faster movement, increased hunger degeneration, reduced/no fall damage, high jumping ability. (Bow damage and run speed increases with leveling.)

    Cons - Less overall damage resistance, cannot use sword, or axe, can only wear leather armor (Other armors are too heavy).

    Pros - High axe damage dealt, able to breathe underwater, better fire resistance, slower hunger degeneration. Knockback ability. (Axe damage, and speed increase with leveling)

    Cons - Less resistant to explosion damage, 60% movement speed, cannot use sword, or bow, can only wear iron armor.

    Pros - High sword damage dealt, resists axe damage and arrow damage, does not take fire damage, mild health regeneration.

    Cons - Susceptible to explosion damage & poisoning, 70% movement speed, cannot use axe, or bow, increased hunger degeneration.

    Pros - Longer lasting/stronger(?) potion effects, can heal others by right clicking player with bonemeal (configurable?). Resists fire attacks, explosions, and offensive potions. Can throw lightning enderpearls? (Potion effect length increases with leveling)

    Cons - Unable to use swords, axes, or bow. (You are too weak to weild these items!) Takes 110% (configurable) fall famage. Increased hunger degradation (A nourished mind is a strong mind!). Can only wear chainmail armor.

    Pros - Faster movement, flight (disabled/enabled in config), vampires the attacked players health, posion resistance, knockback resistance, unarmed fighting ONLY with increased damage, and sets the attacked player on fire with each hit. (Attacked player on fire length increases with leveling)

    Cons - Bursts into flames when touched by sunlight, wood and iron weapons inflict more damage, increased hunger degeneration during flight, lightning damages you badly. Can only wear diamond armor. (You're dead and ugly, maybe some shiny diamonds will help?)

    Ideas for commands:
    /rlist - Lists the available races to choose from.
    /rinfo [race] - Shows the abilities and disabilities provided by each race.
    /rjoin [race] - You are now a [Elf, Viking, Knight, Mage, Undead]
    /rleave - You desert your race, and lose your level in that race.
    /racereload - Reloads the Races config.

    Ideas for permissions:
    mcclasses.joinclass.* -Allows you to join a class/race
    mcclasses.leaveclass.* -Allows you to quit your class/race -Lists info about the race you are inquiring about.
    mcclasses.racelist - Lists the available races.
    mcclasses.reload (Op only, reloads the config.)

    These are about all the classes with their advantages & disadvantages I can think of. Feel free to add suggestions. I just don't want this to turn into an overcomplicated plugin. Please let me know if this is possible! ;)
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    You can make that in Heroes. If not all of it, most of it
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    I understand this, but my server doesn't use Heroes. I think that would clash with McMMO.

    Missed adding Knight into the config. Someone please consider this project! Guilds-Avo config resets each reload, and Heroes does not work with the latest bukkit 1.4.5-R0.2

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