[Class] Completely hide NameTags without NMS!

Discussion in 'Resources' started by bigteddy98, Jul 18, 2014.

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    This resource is no longer availabe.
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    This method was already discussed in my thread and I already made clear why I didn't like this method.
    Although NMS is hardly preferable, there are things that you, to my knowledge, cannot achieve without it. And while my method is inefficient, it is more complete than what it would be without.

    For those who'd rather not use NMS and don't mind some of the smaller details, this is fine though.
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    Which advantages does NMS offer us? As far as I tested this version it works perfect.I think you chose for NMS with a reason, but I can't think of a reason you chose NMS.
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    I didn't want the entity atop the players head to be in any way noticeable, whether that be particle effects, noises, or anything of the sort.
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    that's why I use a Squid, instead of a Bat. As far as I known Squids do not make particles or noises.
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    The particle being the invisibility potion.
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    They make particles, and in water they make noises.
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    completely idiotic methods to archive something much worse then NMS...
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    Just saying, I'd recommend adding the squids to an arraylist and then on the entitydamageevent check if the entity attacked is in the arraylist. That way if some other plugin has invisible squids on people's heads for some reason it won't make them invincible. Very impractical, I know, but it's good practice to make sure Utils can't affect other plugins or classes in unintended ways. Otherwise, I severely recommend using NMS for this.
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    This is very nice!
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    Another reason why NMS is better in this case.
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    bigteddy98 Hi !
    When you teleport a player using player.teleport(...) in a plugin which uses this class, it does not work ;)
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    Garris0n Oh okay, I understand why now. Thank you ;)
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    Add data tags to the squid in case other plugins add squids to the heads..
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