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    Plugin Use:
    This plugin would work along side of "Kingdoms" ( or any other faction or towny plugin really) so that you could protect your Kingdom when you go offline or a certain percentage of your kingdom (just not as effectively).

    Suggested name:
    'Clash of Clans'

    What I want:
    Not sure if you all know how to play clash of clans but well you won't need to to work on this plugin.

    This would be similar to the way you build a ship in Movecraft ( or realistically any plugin that lets you to build a structure and place a sign on it to have it retain the properties of a configured structure like a plane, turret, cannon hot air balloon, that sort of stuff (hopefully configurable in size and properties based on each structure, I'll explain better below). The buildings would essentially work as turrets with configurable health (I would hope), levels, dps, damage affects, range, and fire rate.

    Main Idea and Details:
    The first thing finally would be to add are Archer Towers, Cannons, Inferno Towers, Mortars, Wizard Towers, X-Bows, and Tesla Towers. Now let me explain how this would work.

    All structures should operate with a core in the center made of a block the worst would be like glass and would go up to emerald (this would determine its level) and have a sign placed on it to indicate what kind of structure it is (example [archer tower, cannon] etc... You will surround the block in a layer of armor (cobble or something) and each structure will require different qualities to work. Each structure would have a certain range and trigger area so you would have to come within a different number of blocks to trigger the structure and the structure would be able to shoot that far. You would also be allowed to only have a certain number of each structure based on your rank (and maybe how many people are in your civilization) I would hope, otherwise it would be unfair defense.

    1. Glass
    2. Brick Block
    3. Redstone Block
    4. Coal Block
    5. Obsidian
    6. Iron Block
    7. Lapis Block
    8. Gold Block
    9. Diamond Block
    10. Emerald Block

    1. Archer Tower (farthest range behind mortars high fire rate but low damage)- tallest structure, I'd say 8 blocks high to start and you couldn't go higher then the set limit (hopefully configurable). On the top would be a piece of pink wool which would be the head of the turret basically (configurable) and it would shoot arrows at a different rates based on each level

    2. Cannon (highly effective damage but no splash effect slightly lower range than archer tower)- Cannon would be one of the smallest structures say 3 high as the start, the barrel would be gray wool, it would fire a cannon ball probably something like when you throw an ender pearl and it would cause damage on hit but no explosive damage and same thing it would have more dps based on level

    Note-TNT wouldn't do damage to your base obviously if fired from your turret

    3. Mortars (effective splash effect furthest range but lowest damage done per target)- mortars would be built with a wide bottom and a tall barrel pointing upward. The barrel would be orange wool (you can play with this if you like) and would fire lit tnt into the air and damage people nearby and ground (not yours)

    4. Wizard Tower (most effective splash but lowest range, slightly higher damage per target)- wizard tower would be a mound with a piece of red wool stacked on top of each other on the top, it would shoot an explosive but cause no ground damage

    5. X-Bows (highest fire rate, long range, low damage per projectile)- x-bow would look like a cross bow (obviously) and would be mounted to a middle sized base. They would be difficult structures to come by and would require nether brick (or redstone maybe?)to operate otherwise would be a little too OP.

    ^This part I would like to see happen. I would like to see that this structure would need to be reloaded with nether brick (or configurable item) that would be placed in a chest that was in the structure. If you don't want to add this feature because it is a pain, I would recommend making it so that it can only use levels 7 and up with 7 as the base damage. If you could make that an option for the other buildings (that being the option to make it so a structure can only level up so many times) this would be amazing! Same thing goes for the Inferno Tower.

    6. Tesla Tower (note-you may need to toss this, it would be short range but have highest damage per hit, no splash) it would be pretty tall structure pretty thin in build with no base and would have a yellow wool on the top. It would summon lightning strikes to surrounding enemies. The core would be very vulnerable.

    7. Inferno Towers (small in number, splash like effects, highest dps, targets multiple enemies and drains there health/armor) weird one here, it be would like a tesla tower but wider and have netherbrick on the top, I would like to see it be refueled with glowstone or maybe quartz idk glowstone is pretty pricy but this is the most powerful overall structure

    If this was possible I would ask for this. This will take a great deal of time to add, but configurable amounts of health for each structure would be absolutely awesome. This would help so that there weren't only like three levels of armor being say stone, gem blocks and then obsidian. Basically it would be harder to tear the structure down so harder to blow up and harder to mine down. If there was also a way to inflict structure damage with a bow and or your sword this would make it more fair to the invaders (bows primarily).

    Another thing that would be absolutely grand is if you could make it so that the kingdom walls have to be either hopped over with a climbing plugin or destroyed before you could move on. So you wouldn't be able to move under the wall. Also walls are basically pointless in minecraft if you could add the configuable health feature to a wall structure that would wrap around the base, that would be even more amazing. This paragraph request has the least priority.

    I have many many further ideas to make this truly like "Clash of Clans" but for now I realize I have asked for a crazy amount of work, so I will make this request first^, thanks.

    Ideas for commands: Zero
    Everything else would be played with in config and not by players in game.

    Ideas for permissions: coc.access.mortar, wt, at, *, etc...

    When I'd like it by: Few Weeks, but I don't know here. I'd assume it would take a great deal of time so whenever works, and I'm more than willing to try and help. I just know ZERO on this sort of thing.
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    Argh. Too much boldness, For me it's impossible to read
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    Fixed the boldness
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    Too Complex a plugin? Is it actually possible?
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    Possible: as far as I can see it is.
    Complex and time consuming: definitely.
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    bwfcwalshy Retired Staff

    There has been one in development for quite a while now. I can't find the thread right now but I'm sure a Google search can find it, it was on the forums as a plugin request.
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    If you can find the link I'd appreciate it, because as far as I know that plugin only modifies ranks.
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

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    Hm thanks and that is what I'm talking about he is asking for lots of commands and what not but gives no specs on the city. I have my setup so that all ground defenses would be in it, because well no one flies when they are raiding. I think I'll just tell him to take a look at this and add it to his description. Also I'm not able to reply on that page.
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    i'm the developer of that request and we are developing for a pretty long time now. 95% of the plugin is done but there are details which are pretty hard to make
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    Where can I find the specs? And personally I'm primarily interested in the defense features. Is there a way I can use pieces of the plugin, because I understand that the plugin will probably be very heavy on servers.
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    no the plugin fully depends on its own so it requires its framework to handle the defenses
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    @crolemol can you post src on that plugin.
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    i did so in the beginning but soon after another dev stole the code and started developing another clash of clans plugin with it
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    Thats not allowed on bukkit forums tho
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