Question Claiming/Grief Prevention?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Rock_Cam12, Jan 30, 2015.

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    Hey guys its Rocky
    I have a question, I have spawn and important builds set up in my server, but i need to be able to claim them to prevent griefing and protect them. Please drop off plugin recommendations. I currently do have WorldGuard, Essentials, GroupManager, and Multi-Verse Core. If that helps. THanks :)
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    Download MassiveCore (required dependency) and Factions. Do /f admin, claim your spawn with a faction, and then permanent it. Make sure no one has permission to edit anything. Boom, grief protection and a named spawn with a description if you like.

    You could probably do it super easy with WorldGuard, but I'm not versed in that plugin, and have no clue of its capabilities. Sounds like it should be able to though. I just know Factions will do it.
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    Well, i dont really want a factions plugin with my Survival world. Ill have a factions plugin for my PVP world. @Alj23
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    @Rock_Cam12 Use WorldGuard. Here's how:
    1) Claim a region (Select with WorldEdit, then /rg create <name>).
    2) Flag the region with build deny (/rg flag <name> build deny)
    3) Now players without OP/correct permissions can't build/break there!
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    When you claim the region with WorldEdit, make sure you give it some height and depth. You want a cube, not a rectangle.

    And you don't need to use the Build flag. Non-owners/non-members are not allowed to build or break by default.
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