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    CitizenSpout - Give your NPCs skins:

    Please use the bukkit dev page instead, to make the conversion easier once this section is removed.
    • You can add a players skin to an NPC by typing /sc skin add (player-name)
    • GUI for creating NPC's will be made available soon.
    • You can add a custom cloak or skin to an NPC by typing -/sc (cloak or skin) add (url)
    • You can now also hide an NPC's nameplate!
    How to use:

    Select an NPC and type /sc skin add (player-name) to give it that skin.
    Select an NPC and type /sc skin add (URL) to give it that cloak.
    If skins or cloaks are not re-added for any reason, you can type /sc update-
    to re-add them.

    Download the latest CitizenSpout below!

    • Version 0.1.8 - Stripped features to get a quick working release.
    • Version 0.1.7 - Quick fix during exams... broke badly.
    • Version 0.1.6 - Permission fix for cloaks and changed the default for name-plates!
    • Version 0.1.5 - PermissionsBukkit support, hidable nameplates and configuration!
    • Version 0.1.4 - Reverted command to /sc to fix conflicts.
    • Version 0.1.3 - Added capes and more cleanup on the code.
    • Version 0.1.2 - Changed commands around and fixed skin loading. Also added custom URL skins.
    • Version 0.1.1 - The skin update command is now automated, but can be used if it fails to work.
    • Version 0.1 - Giving NPCs a change of clothes. (skin)
    Credit: - Citizens Developers - Bukkit Developers - Spout Developers
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    Anyone know some cool "minecraft usernames" for skins? (Blacksmith, Guard, Noble, King, Grocer, Etc.)
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    The commands all work
    but I can't see that their skin have
    changed or not. It says it's skin has
    been changed when I check but I don't
    see that it has been changed. Help plz!

    PS: It is VERY annoying cuz it's keep say'n
    Citizenspout says I'm a blacksmith!!
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    Orange Juice


    This this this. Same issue. Please fix. <3
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    I'll give you one to start with: Miner (guess what that looks like :p )

    Back on topic: Using the new Dev versions (#290 and up) of Citizens results in Citizenspout not working :(
    Those fixes quite a nasty bug in Citizens however so had no choice to go for a dev-version.
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    @jycs : Which Citizens version are you using?
    When you use the latest dev versions (280 and up i think), citizenspout doesn't work anymore.
    So you will need to downgrade to an older Citizens (with possible featureloss or unsolved bugs) or wait for citizenspout to update.
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    The last.

    I'll test, thanks. Edit : I don't find an other version than the last !?
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    Michael Wojcik

    This mod is exactly what I need for my server :). Unfortunately, the commands don't do anything for me. The NPC's remain the same skin :(.
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    I've the same error.
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    You are most likely using a dev build of Citizens. You can manually load the plugin using a server wrapper that allows it or with Minecraft Mobile Admin.
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    Same error regardless of build. CB 1337
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    Can't you make it work for the newest ver?
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    Really guys? In worldchat? and Console? How can i deactivate this?
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    Can't you add the URL possibility for players skin >.> ?
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    Emiya Shirou

    I'm curious, is there a way to add those skins to normal MC? Like install some kind of mod? (So we don't have to use spoutcraft D: btw. it should be made native by citizens author so there would be skins)
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    What would be the point of having a mod for it? Spoutcraft IS a mod. Either way, you can't do it without the Spout API or something very similar to it, so the Citizens devs can't include it natively. They've already said that they don't want o hook into Spout just yet.
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    Emiya Shirou

    Don't take me wrong, I have spout on my server, just no one is using and will be using spoutcraft for it. Even I stopped using it and see normal client as better solution, just some kind of a mod for it would be great to see the skins ^^ Like port the portion that is needed from spoutcraft.

    Spoutcraft is a separate minecraft client which you can run and play Minecraft without having the original.
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    Ah, the old "I trust mods but not mods" argument, I guess? Spout is dangerous in their eyes because it has a launcher, yet any mod could potentially steal your password.

    Try pressuring them into it, that's what I did with my users. Spout-only server, woo hoo. In any case, I don't think you will find a separate mod that does the same thing. Instead, try to reward the people who uses Spout on the server. Title, cape, diamonds, NPCs... Nothing gives cooperation as bribes.

    And as to that Spoutcraft is a separate minecraft client that you can run or play without having the original, you're essentailly saying it's a cracked client. You need to log in, you need to buy the game. What's the diffrence? You can install it manually like any other mod.

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    REALLY wish I knew Java right at the moment, because I would oh so totally fork this!! This is the one plugin I am looking forward to the most!

    Can't wait for the developer (or someone else) to update this to work with the latest Citizens/Spout/CB!

    Edit: Anyone have any idea what has changed in the most recent dev build of Citizens to break this?
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    invalid link atm, not that it really matters, 1.8 doesn't work anyways.
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    The current method this plugin uses to listen for npcs being created/modified/ really anything is old. It used to be NPCManager or something of that sort. The citizens team has expanded their API (I'm pretty sure) to include everything into its own method type.
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    why this is INACTIVE? :((
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    good question :(
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    I need it on 1.0.1 :(
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    To all of you still watching this and hoping for it to go active again, I have a message.

    CitizenSpout has been replaced by CitizenSkins, here on BukkitDev.

    Exempt from the BukkitDev page:
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    Download for 1.2.4 please!!!!!!
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    Its inactive..
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    The Micahel

    Is this ever going to work again? Cool if someone continued it or released the source the source code!

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