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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by lukectn, Mar 15, 2013.

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    (This is my first thread, so if I posted this in the wrong place, would an Administrator plz move it?) Hello, I have been trying to find a plugin that is similar to Citizens2 but works on MC v1.5. I read that some plugins for 1.4.7 work on 1.5, but all the plugins I've tried didn't work. The plugins I've tested are: Citizens2, Pl3XNPC, DWDNPC, and others (I can't think of them right now), and every time the console read [SEVERE] Error occured while enable <PluginName> v<Plugin Version> (Is it up to date?). Also, every time it was the latest version. If there already is a plugin like this that supports MC 1.5 plz tell me. THANKS!
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    Just wait for the plugins to update, its not like they can do it right after,
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    Most Devs wont update there plugins intel a recommended build of 1.5 is out plus 1.5 adds alot of new items into game so plugins that use items may take some time to update aswell, even thought 1.5 has some cool new things added to it it would be best to keep 1.4.7 build for the time being
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    Just wait, the Citizens guys are very quick at updating. You're not going to be going public on a development build after all, or if you are you really need to rethink your administration techniques.
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    And by "going public", what do you mean? Do you mean running the server and giving the ip to others so that they may join? If so, I already have.:p
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    You did read the "DO NOT USE THIS IN A PRODUCTION ENVIRONMENT" spiel right?

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