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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by ozm8, Aug 20, 2013.

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    Im having trouble getting Citizens to work for some reason I can't create any npc's it just comes up with a message saying blah blah,
    even though I typed it in correctly

    I think this is the error also i have the latest version installed and I'm using minecraft 1.6.2

    citizens.changed-implementation=Citizens implementation changed, disabling plugin. the -a flag to save async (off the main server thread).
    citizens.commands.console-error=Please report this error: [See console]
    citizens.commands.errors.missing-world=World not found. /{0} not found.''t find any NPC with ID {0}.
    citizens.commands.invalid.class=Invalid external commands class.
    citizens.commands.invalid-mobtype={0} is not a valid mobtype.
    citizens.commands.invalid-number=That is not a valid number.
    citizens.commands.npc.age.cannot-be-aged=The mob type {0} cannot be aged. only be used on entities that can become babies. Use the [[-l]] flag to lock age over time (note: relogs may be required to see this).
    citizens.commands.npc.age.invalid-age=Invalid age. Valid ages are adult, baby, number between -24000 and 0
    citizens.commands.npc.age.locked=Age locked.
    citizens.commands.npc.age.set-adult=[[{0}]] is now an adult.
    citizens.commands.npc.age.set-baby=[[{0}]] is now a baby.
    citizens.commands.npc.age.set-normal=[[{0}]] is now age [[{1}]].
    citizens.commands.npc.age.set=[[{0}]] is now [[{1}]].
    citizens.commands.npc.age.unlocked=Age unlocked.
    citizens.commands.npc.anchor.added=Anchor added.
    citizens.commands.npc.anchor.already-exists=The anchor {0} already exists.
    citizens.commands.npc.anchor.invalid-name=Invalid anchor name.
    citizens.commands.npc.anchor.missing=The anchor {1} does not exist.
    citizens.commands.npc.anchor.removed=Anchor removed.
    citizens.commands.npc.behaviour.added=Behaviours added. scripts argument is a comma-separated list of file names. Scripts will be loaded automatically and run every tick. Use the [[-r]] flag to remove behaviours.
    citizens.commands.npc.behaviour.removed=Behaviours removed.
    citizens.commands.npc.controllable.not-controllable=[[{0}]] is not controllable.
    citizens.commands.npc.controllable.removed=[[{0}]] can no longer be controlled.
    citizens.commands.npc.controllable.set=[[{0}]] can now be controlled.
    citizens.commands.npc.copy.copied=[[{0}]] has been copied.
    citizens.commands.npc.create.invalid-location=Spawn location could not be parsed or was not found.
    citizens.commands.npc.create.invalid-mobtype={0} is not a valid mob type. Using default type.
    citizens.commands.npc.create.not-living-mobtype={0} is not a living entity type. Using default type.
    citizens.commands.npc.create.npc-name-too-long=NPC names cannot be longer than 16 characters. The name has been shortened. player could be found by that name to spawn an NPC at.
    citizens.commands.npc.despawn.despawned=You despawned [[{0}]].
    citizens.commands.npc.gamemode.describe={0}''s gamemode is [[{1}]].
    citizens.commands.npc.gamemode.invalid={0} is not a valid gamemode.
    citizens.commands.npc.gamemode.set=Gamemode set to [[{0}]].
    citizens.commands.npc.gravity.disabled=Gravity [[disabled]].
    citizens.commands.npc.gravity.enabled=Gravity [[enabled]]. horse is now carrying a chest. horse is no longer carrying a chest. horse''s color was set to [[{0}]]. horse''s type was set to [[{0}]]. horse''s style was set to [[{0}]]. horse''s color is [[{0}]], the type is [[{1}]] and the style is [[{2}]]. horse color given. Valid colors are: [[{0}]]. horse type given. Valid types are: [[{0}]]. horse style given. Valid styles are: [[{0}]].
    citizens.commands.npc.leashable.set=[[{0}]] is now leashable.
    citizens.commands.npc.leashable.stopped=[[{0}]] is no longer leashable.
    citizens.commands.npc.lookclose.set=[[{0}]] will now rotate when players are nearby.
    citizens.commands.npc.lookclose.stopped=[[{0}]] will no longer rotate when players are nearby.
    citizens.commands.npc.mount.failed=Couldn''t mount [[{0}]].
    citizens.commands.npc.moveto.format=Format is x:y:z:)world) or x y z( world).
    citizens.commands.npc.moveto.teleported=[[{0}]] teleported to {1}.
    citizens.commands.npc.nameplate.toggled=Nameplate visibility toggled.
    citizens.commands.npc.ocelot.invalid-type=Invalid ocelot type. Valid types are: [[{0}]].
    citizens.commands.npc.owner.already-owner={0} is already the owner of {1}.
    citizens.commands.npc.owner.owner=[[{0}]]''s owner is [[{1}]].
    citizens.commands.npc.owner.set-server=[[The server]] is now the owner of {0}.
    citizens.commands.npc.owner.set=[[{1}]] is now the owner of {0}.
    citizens.commands.npc.pathfindingrange.set=Pathfinding range set to [[{0}]].
    citizens.commands.npc.playerlist.added=Added [[{0}]] to the player list.
    citizens.commands.npc.playerlist.removed=Removed [[{0}]] from the player list.
    citizens.commands.npc.pose.added=Pose added.
    citizens.commands.npc.pose.already-exists=The pose [[{0}]] already exists.
    citizens.commands.npc.pose.invalid-name=Invalid pose name.
    citizens.commands.npc.pose.missing=The pose [[{0}]] does not exist.
    citizens.commands.npc.pose.removed=Pose removed.
    citizens.commands.npc.powered.set=[[{0}]] will now be powered.
    citizens.commands.npc.powered.stopped=[[{0}]] will no longer be powered.
    citizens.commands.npc.profession.invalid-profession={0} is not a valid profession.
    citizens.commands.npc.profession.set=[[{0}]] is now a [[{1}]].
    citizens.commands.npc.remove.incorrect-syntax=Incorrect syntax. /npc remove (all)
    citizens.commands.npc.remove.removed-all=You permanently removed all NPCs.
    citizens.commands.npc.remove.removed=You permanently removed [[{0}]].
    citizens.commands.npc.rename.renamed=You renamed [[{0}]] to [[{1}]].
    citizens.commands.npc.respawn.delay-set=Respawn delay set to [[{0}]].
    citizens.commands.npc.respawn.describe=Respawn delay is currently [[{0}]]. already have that NPC selected.
    citizens.commands.npc.size.description={0}''s size is [[{1}]].
    citizens.commands.npc.size.set={0}''s size set to [[{1}]].
    citizens.commands.npc.skeletontype.set={0}''s skeleton type set to [[{1}]].
    citizens.commands.npc.skeletontype.invalid-type=Invalid skeleton type.
    citizens.commands.npc.spawn.already-spawned={0} is already spawned at another location. Use ''/npc tphere'' to teleport the NPC to your location.
    citizens.commands.npc.spawn.missing-npc-id=No NPC with the ID {0} exists. stored location available - command must be used ingame.
    citizens.commands.npc.spawn.spawned=You spawned [[{0}]].
    citizens.commands.npc.speed.modifier-above-limit=Speed is above the limit.
    citizens.commands.npc.speed.set=NPC speed modifier set to [[{0}]].
    citizens.commands.npc.targetable.set=[[{0}]] can now be targeted by mobs.
    citizens.commands.npc.targetable.unset=[[{0}]] can no longer be targeted by mobs. teleported to [[{0}]].'t find the target NPC's location.
    citizens.commands.npc.tpto.success=Teleported successfully. entity not found.
    citizens.commands.npc.tpto.from-not-found=Source entity not found.
    citizens.commands.npc.tphere.teleported=[[{0}]] was teleported to your location.
    citizens.commands.npc.type.set=[[{0}]]''s type set to [[{1}]].
    citizens.commands.npc.type.invalid=[[{0}]] is not a valid type.
    citizens.commands.npc.vulnerable.set=[[{0}]] is now vulnerable.
    citizens.commands.npc.vulnerable.stopped=[[{0}]] is no longer vulnerable.
    citizens.commands.npc.wolf.unknown-collar-color=[[{0}]] is not an RGB-formatted collar color.
    citizens.commands.npc.zombiemod.villager-set=[[{0}]] is now a villager.
    citizens.commands.npc.zombiemod.villager-unset=[[{0}]] is no longer a villager.[[{0}]] is now a baby.[[{0}]] is no longer a baby. page [[{0}]] does not exist.
    citizens.commands.requirements.disallowed-mobtype=The NPC cannot be the mob type {0} to use that command.
    citizens.commands.requirements.missing-permission=You don't have permission to execute that command.
    citizens.commands.requirements.missing-required-trait=Missing required trait {0}.
    citizens.commands.requirements.must-be-ingame=You must be ingame to use that command.
    citizens.commands.requirements.must-be-owner=You must be the owner of this NPC to execute that command.
    citizens.commands.requirements.must-have-selected=You must have an NPC selected to execute that command.
    citizens.commands.requirements.too-few-arguments=Too few arguments.
    citizens.commands.requirements.too-many-arguments=Too many arguments.
    citizens.commands.script.compiled=Script compiled.
    citizens.commands.script.compiling=Script compiling...
    citizens.commands.script.file-missing=The file {0} doesn''t exist!
    citizens.commands.template.applied=Template applied to [[{0}]] NPCs.
    citizens.commands.template.conflict=A template by that name already exists.
    citizens.commands.template.created=Template created.
    citizens.commands.template.missing=Template not found.
    citizens.commands.trait.added=Added {0} successfully.
    citizens.commands.trait.failed-to-add=<7>Couldn''t add {0}.
    citizens.commands.trait.failed-to-change=<7>Couldn''t change {0}.
    citizens.commands.trait.failed-to-remove=<7>Couldn''t remove {0}.
    citizens.commands.trait.removed=Removed {0} successfully.
    citizens.commands.traitc.missing=Trait not found.
    citizens.commands.traitc.not-configurable=That trait is not configurable.
    citizens.commands.traitc.not-on-npc=The NPC doesn''t have that trait.
    citizens.commands.unknown-command=Unknown command. Did you mean:
    citizens.conversations.selection.invalid-choice=[[{0}]] is not a valid option.
    citizens.economy.error-loading=Unable to use economy handling. Has Vault been enabled?
    citizens.economy.minimum-cost-required=Need at least {0}. [[{0}]] for your NPC.
    citizens.editors.already-in-editor=You''re already in an editor!
    citizens.editors.copier.begin=<b>Entered the NPC copier!<br>Click anywhere to copy the currently selected NPC.
    citizens.editors.copier.end=Exited the NPC copier.[[{0}]] had all of its items removed.<b>Entered the equipment editor!<br>[[Right click]] to equip the NPC! the equipment editor. block![[{0}]] is now saddled.[[{0}]] is no longer saddled.[[{0}]] is now sheared.[[{0}]] is no longer sheared.[[{0}]] is now coloured [[{1}]].
    citizens.editors.selection.start-prompt=There were multiple NPCs with the supplied name.<br>Please enter an id or number from the list below to select that NPC.
    citizens.editors.text.add-prompt=Enter text to add to the NPC.
    citizens.editors.text.added-entry=[[Added]] the entry [[{0}]].
    citizens.editors.text.begin=<b>Entered the text editor!
    citizens.editors.text.change-page-prompt=Enter a page number to view more text entries.
    citizens.editors.text.close-talker-set=[[Close talker]] set to [[{0}]].
    citizens.editors.text.edit-begin-prompt=Enter the index of the entry you wish to edit or [[page]] to view more pages.
    citizens.editors.text.edit-prompt=Enter text to edit the entry.
    citizens.editors.text.edited-text=Changed entry at index [[{0}]]to [[{1}]].
    citizens.editors.text.end=Exited the text editor.
    citizens.editors.text.invalid-edit-type=Invalid edit type.
    citizens.editors.text.invalid-index={0} is not a valid index!
    citizens.editors.text.invalid-input=Invalid input.
    citizens.editors.text.invalid-page=Invalid page number.
    citizens.editors.text.invalid-range=Invalid range.
    citizens.editors.text.random-talker-set=[[Random talking]] set to [[{0}]].
    citizens.editors.text.range-set=[[Range]] set to [[{0}]].
    citizens.editors.text.realistic-looking-set=[[Realistic looking]] set to [[{0}]].
    citizens.editors.text.remove-prompt=Enter the index of the entry you wish to remove or [[page]] to view more pages.
    citizens.editors.text.removed-entry=[[Removed]] entry at index [[{0}]].
    citizens.editors.text.start-prompt=Type [[add]] to add an entry, [[edit]] to edit entries, [[remove]] to remove entries, [[close]] to toggle the NPC as a close talker, [[item]] to set the item in hand pattern, [[range]] to set the talking range, and [[random]] to toggle the NPC as a random talker. Type [[help]] to show this again.[[Talk item pattern]] set to [[{0}]].
    citizens.editors.waypoints.linear.added-waypoint=[[Added]] a waypoint at ({0}) ([[{1}]], [[{2}]])
    citizens.editors.waypoints.linear.begin=<b>Entered the linear waypoint editor!<br> [[Left click]] to add a waypoint, [[right click]] to remove.<br> Type [[toggle path]] to toggle showing entities at waypoints, [[triggers]] to enter the trigger editor and [[clear]] to clear all waypoints.
    citizens.editors.waypoints.linear.edit-slot-set=Editing slot set to [[{0}]] ({1}).
    citizens.editors.waypoints.linear.end=Exited the linear waypoint editor.
    citizens.editors.waypoints.linear.not-showing-markers=[[Stopped]] showing waypoint markers.
    citizens.editors.waypoints.linear.range-exceeded=Previous waypoint is {0} blocks away but the distance limit is {1}.
    citizens.editors.waypoints.linear.removed-waypoint=[[Removed]] a waypoint ([[{0}]] remaining) ([[{1}]])
    citizens.editors.waypoints.linear.showing-markers=[[Showing]] waypoint markers.
    citizens.editors.waypoints.linear.waypoints-cleared=Waypoints cleared.
    citizens.editors.waypoints.triggers.add.added=<b>[[Added]] waypoint trigger successfully ({0}).
    citizens.editors.waypoints.triggers.add.invalid-trigger=Couldn''t create a trigger by the name [[{0}]].
    citizens.editors.waypoints.triggers.add.prompt=Enter in a trigger name to add or type [[back]] to return to the edit prompt. Valid trigger names are {0}.
    citizens.editors.waypoints.triggers.animation.prompt=Enter in animations to perform - valid animations are {0}.<br>Type in [[finish]] to finish the animation trigger or [[back]] to return to the previous prompt.
    citizens.editors.waypoints.triggers.animation.invalid-animation=Invalid animation [[{0}]]. Valid animations are {1}. radius must be a number. radius supplied. in chat lines to say.<br>Type in [[radius (radius)]] to set the block radius to broadcast the messages.<br>Type [[finish]] to finish the chat trigger or [[back]] to return to the previous prompt.
    citizens.editors.waypoints.triggers.delay.prompt=Enter the delay in [[server ticks]] to use. (20 ticks = 1 second)
    citizens.editors.waypoints.triggers.main.missing-waypoint=Not editing a waypoint.
    citizens.editors.waypoints.triggers.main.prompt=<b>Entered the waypoint trigger editor.<br> Type [[add]] to begin adding triggers and [[remove]] to remove triggers.<br> Type [[triggers]] to enter the waypoint trigger editor.<br> Current triggers are:
    citizens.editors.waypoints.triggers.remove.index-out-of-range=Index must be in the range [[1-{0}]].
    citizens.editors.waypoints.triggers.remove.not-a-number=Index must be a number.
    citizens.editors.waypoints.triggers.remove.prompt=Enter in the index of the trigger to delete or [[back]] to return to the edit prompt. Current triggers are:
    citizens.editors.waypoints.triggers.remove.removed=Successfully removed trigger {0}.
    citizens.editors.waypoints.triggers.teleport.invalid-format=Invalid location given. Format is [[world]]:[[x]]:[[y]]:[[z]].
    citizens.editors.waypoints.triggers.teleport.prompt=Enter the destination in the format world:x:y:z. Type [[here]] to use your current location. Type [[back]] to return to the edit prompt.
    citizens.limits.over-npc-limt=Over the NPC limit of {0}.
    citizens.load-task-error=NPC load task couldn''t be scheduled, disabling...
    citizens.nms-errors.clearing-goals=Could not clear goals: {0}.
    citizens.nms-errors.error-setting-persistent=Could not set NPC as persistent: {0}. NPC entity may despawn.
    citizens.nms-errors.getting-field=Could not fetch NMS field {0}: {1}.
    citizens.nms-errors.getting-id-mapping=Could not fetch entity id mapping fields: {0}.
    citizens.nms-errors.spawning-custom-entity=Could not spawn custom entity: {0}.
    citizens.nms-errors.stopping-network-threads=Could not stop network threads: {0}.
    citizens.nms-errors.updating-land-modifier=Could not update land speed modifier: {0}.
    citizens.nms-errors.updating-navigation-world=Could not update navigation world: {0}.
    citizens.nms-errors.updating-pathfinding-range=Could not update pathfinding range: {0}.
    citizens.notifications.database-connection-failed=Unable to connect to database, falling back to YAML
    citizens.notifications.error-reloading=Error occured while reloading, see console.
    citizens.notifications.exception-updating-npc=Exception while updating {0}: {1}.
    citizens.notifications.incompatible-version=v{0} is not compatible with Minecraft v{1} - try upgrading or downgrading Citizens. Disabling.
    citizens.notifications.locale=Using locale {0}.
    citizens.notifications.metrics-load-error=Unable to start metrics: {0}.
    citizens.notifications.missing-translations=Missing translations file for locale {0}. Defaulting to en locale.
    citizens.notifications.npc-name-not-found=Could not find a name for ID {0}.
    citizens.notifications.npc-not-found=No NPC could be found.
    citizens.notifications.npcs-loaded=Loaded {0} NPCs.
    citizens.notifications.reloaded=Citizens reloaded.
    citizens.notifications.reloading=Reloading Citizens...
    citizens.notifications.saved=Citizens saved.
    citizens.notifications.saving=Saving Citizens...
    citizens.notifications.skipping-broken-trait=Skipped broken or missing trait {0} while loading ID {1}. Has the name changed?
    citizens.notifications.skipping-invalid-pose=Skipping pose {0} - invalid yaw/pitch ({1}).
    citizens.notifications.trait-load-failed=The trait {0} failed to load for NPC ID: {1}.
    citizens.notifications.trait-onspawn-failed=An exception occurred while the trait {0} was spawning for NPC ID {1}.
    citizens.notifications.unknown-npc-type=NPC type {0} was not recognized. Did you spell it correctly?
    citizens.saves.load-failed=Unable to load saves, disabling...
    citizens.settings.writing-default=Writing default setting: {0}
    citizens.sub-plugins.error-on-load={0} initializing {1}
    citizens.sub-plugins.load=Loading {0}
    citizens.traits.age-description={0}''s age is [[{1}]]. Locked is [[{2}]].
    citizens.waypoints.available-providers-header=<b>List of available providers
    citizens.waypoints.current-provider=The current waypoint provider is [[{0}]].
    citizens.waypoints.set-provider=Set the waypoint provider to [[{0}]].
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