Citizens NPC names not persisting?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Yoshislayer, Jan 19, 2014.

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    Hey, so I downloaded a really cool plugin called citizens that allows you to create NPCs of both mobs and players.

    One of the features that Citizens has to offer is naming the NPC you created, and to toggle nameplate visibility you would use the command /npc name.

    However, every time my server resets, the nameplate visibility toggle seems to disappear and I'm required to rerun the command /npc name

    Help would be appreciated :)
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    Please someone!
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    I have the exact same problem but no one is willing to solve it , I've tried everything..
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    DahDuff and YoutubeFriendly please pastebin your ./bin/plugins/citizens/saves.yml so we can look thru them possible error in that are you telling citizens to save also? aka '/citizens save' Im not sure 100% if thats even automatically done with a shutdown.
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    The built-in save command is not a solution . Although it says "Citizens saved" when I close the server and restart , all NPC's with ( /npc name typed on them ) have returned to default and I must get to 1 m close to them in order to see anything about their name . I'm leaving today for some days so I don't think I'll have the time to pastebin anything but I'll try as soon as I get back :)

    PS: You are the first person willing to help :D
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    Well if its a matter of rendering distance on the name client side Im not sure thats going to be tough I use citi's also dont have that issue. I was under the impresison you were saying your npc 'file' wasnt saving so thats why I suggested forcing a manual save atleast once. hmmm

    Okay are they normal NPCs? like aka look like players? or did you change them to a mob/villager? I havent used anything yet but player type npcs and their name for distance are equal to a normal player's. so Im wondering if being a 'non-player' entity that would be affecting the rendering distance of the name. if so that then likely somehting to bring up with the code team for citizens.
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