Citizens Add-on: Item to item trader

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    If there is already a plugin that enables this for citizens, I sincerely apologize and feel free to yell at me. I have been unable to find it so I am requesting it.

    Name: ItemTrader

    What it does: It will have a configuration to trade X items for X amount of items. The main part is for any items with durability can be set to either take the item in any durability or to give item X for each amount of durability. To clarify, if a player sells a diamond chestplate with 100 durabilty and I set it to give back 1 gold ingot for 20 durability on diamond chestplates, it will give the user 5 gold ingots. Also have the option to rename and add lore to each item that it gives back.

    Thank you for reading.
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    Been very unsuccessful with denizens. I'm not sure if denizens can open a trade window anyways.
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    Citizens denizens.

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