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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by MoejoeAw44, Jun 23, 2015.

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    DESC: Basically, a plugin that monitors the most laggy chunks (by mobs, entities, redstone, water/lava flow, etc).

    If there's a chunk that's greatly impacting the TPS or overall performance of the server, it will notify anyone with the permission, "chunk.notify".

    Please NOTE: {lag type} is the form of lag that chunk is causing wether it be redstone, mobs, entities, what have you.

    &7*** Chunks &7***
    &71. x: 123 y: 15 | {lag type}
    &72. x: 153 y: 14| {lag type}
    &73 x: 167 y: 3425 | {lag type}
    &74. x: 12 y: 142 | {lag type}
    &75. x: 1663 y: 13516| {lag type}
    &76. x: 9007 y: 351 | {lag type}
    &77. x: 2341 y: 513 | {lag type}
    &78. x: 4515 y: 735 | {lag type}
    &79. x: 12 y: 642 | {lag type}
    &710. x: 163 y: 3572 | {lag type}

    Notification for laggy chunk:
    &5There are {amount} chunk(s) affecting server performance.

    /chunks - Lists the top 10 laggiest chunks (upon clicking them, brings you to the most laggy part of that chunk).

    chunk.notify - Notifies players with this permission when there's a chunk affecting performance.
    chunk.use - Allows the player to use /chunks
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    Lag Cause #1: "ChunkWatcher plugin" if by monitor you mean 'monitor'
    However, getting s SNAPSHOT at a moment of issuing a command would be a lot easier

    I think what you want would cause a heck of a lot of lag, especially trying to identify a cause..
    Identifying which of the LOADED CHUNKS online has the most amount of entities, on the other hand, could be done rather quickly without a lot of lag... but to investigate chunks in detail, unless there are a lot of crafty delayed routines to spread the job out over many seconds with gaps for breathing, to assess that it is due to redstone clocks or mob glitches or a weird piston thing... too much to ask for from the resources avaialble.
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    Alright, fair enough :/
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