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    Hi all,

    In accordance with this thread:

    I'm looking for development of a plugin that will allow for statistical analysis of chunk information, with particular interest in habitation data. Dynmap provides an interface for pulling that data from the chunks (it's yet to be implemented directly to Bukkit), and the rest is statistics.

    Once the data is collected, I would also like to be able to input certain variables by which you can select, preview said selection, and then delete chunks. Not regeneration - that will be handled by WorldBorder for smoothest results. I need to wipe the actual files so I can then edit the layout of the world elsewhere (I use TerrainControl's FromImage).

    My specific use of this utility is indeed quite niche, but overall statistical information about chunks and how they get used is a valuable tool for administrators looking to get insight on player activity patterns, and management of specific chunks will allow for similar fine-tuned reworking without a world wipe or inadvertently losing any player builds.

    If anyone is interested in this please do post here or hit me up, I'm on EsperNet as Wahrheit. Thanks so much!
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    Certainly interested myself in a statistical reporting tool myself. I often find myself looking for numerical data (e.g. density of tall grass, average height and min/max data, temperature information) about regions.
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    I really would like to see this developed, and it would open up a world of new possibilities for developers looking to track player patterns. If you are at all interested in contributing, please comment!
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