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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by MPG1, Feb 22, 2020.

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    Just a tiny plugin to delete any chunk?
    Example: Bob wants to delete a chunk he is in/looking at. He runs
    and poof! it was like it never existed!

    1.14.4 craftbukkit. Any time is fine.
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    Permissons? Commands? CHeck sticky pls
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    @MPG1 As far as I am aware it is not possible to delete a chunk. You can only load or unload chunks and regenerate chunks. Unloading just removes it from the users screen but if they come by and reload the chunk by passing by it will load back. Regenerate is essentially //regen from world edit. It reproduces the chunk as it would be when the world first loaded.

    EDIT:I saw a video in which someone did remove chunks they moved into. It looks like it was done by slowly removing all the blocks to bedrock in the chunk. Is that what you mean? (remove the bedrock as well obviously)
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    Im assuming you just want it to leave a massive whole where the chunk was? Or is it more along the line of regen the chunk.
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    I can't link it here since it's on spigot, but I posted a plugin there called ChunkCuller which removes unmodified chunks or other specified chunks on server shutdown.
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    @ironinventor1 I just want to have it cleared of blocks/unloaded, so it doesn't take up server performance.
    @closeplanet2 Yes. I want to "Just leave a massive hole"
    @Zombie_Striker Your plugin is PERFECT. That is JUST what I want. Unfortunately, I am running a zero-budget server, and cannot pay for it.
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    bump (pls ive been waiting so long)

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