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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by rsshelas, Nov 4, 2012.

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    My Server has been offline for over than 5 Days! There is no support at ALL...

    Anyways, once I started my server everything was going really well, I upgraded my server 3 times and I was very happy, support was very well too (under 24 hours), then after a month The server's TPS was reaching lower than 9/20 (with 10 players on out of 50, no new plugin was installed), I was told that he will be buying a new server box, so I kept checking in every week until there was not any replies left. (no support).

    I searched on google "Chunex" for the past 24 hours and I found another person complaining

    Anyways here is a screenshot of my support messages,


    When I asked for player Slot increase I got no reply at all, then after 3 days my server went down, and I lost access to my control panel ( I can't restart/star/stop the server, I still have FTP access though) (It's not just me, I told several Admins to check for me too)

    Here is another picture that my services are not overdue


    Can anyone tell me what to do if they were in my situation?

    Sorry for bad English

    Note for Mods: If this is not in the right section please move it to the right one thanks.
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    Back everything up, Move onto a new host. You shouldn't be paying for a service you aren't receiving. Using paypal? Once everything is backed up give the users a week notice to say your moving servers (if u need a web page to put the ip on hit me a message).

    Then refund your money in paypal with proof you aren't getting the service you paid for
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    Move hosts. I'm actually starting one pretty soon, PM me if you're interested.
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    Atm I am downloading all my server files while I have ftp access, anyone recommends a good well known minecraft hosting company? and Lolmewn sorry but I just don't want to get involved in small hosting company after what happened (I am not saying that you are). Also I will try to contact paypal if possible
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    Oh but I am small ;)
    You should do what you think is best.
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    We've been in business for over three years and hosting minecraft servers for over two. That being said we're one of the oldest minecraft providers. It's a good idea that you've decided to move to a reputable host that has a good history. There's thousands of kiddie hosts in the market today with dozens filling the places of the hosts that fail.

    You can check out Provisionhost as they've been around for a while too. (I have no experience with their services though). Good luck with your search and make sure you always keep backups.
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    Then don't recommend something that you don't have experience with, this is exactly what happened with ChuneX, everyone was recommending it... (I am not saying Provisionhost, I just want to know from people that already have experience with a service)
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    You asked for a host that's been around a while. I'm sorry that I must've misunderstood that you were looking for a reputable host with a history. I won't post in this thread any further.
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    Oh my bad, I guess it's my fault on that part
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    Allgamer or Multiplay are both good hosts.
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    I worked for ChuneX for about a month, right after they started up, but I did not like their management style so I created my own host. I can offer you a discount if you are interested. Just PM me.
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    Exodus Hosting is kewl. :D
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    Anyways I am looking into all hosts that some of you suggested, One thing I did not like was Multiplay (Price Only, I know they are a quality host) for 50 players 2gb of ram costs

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    Nathan C

    Lmao, ChuneX.............some crappy stock images and default Forest Themes template.. Not a registered business either........of course he is a kiddy host and as a result, don't expect much.

    I recommend NFOservers. They have been in business for 10 years and run only out of the best datacenters with the best bandwidth (Internap).
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    Go with mclayer. It might be a tad more expensive than other services, but you will be paying for 100% uptime and excellent support. My favorite host of all time and the current host I use.
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    Thank you guys for your recommendation but I have chosen Exodus
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