Chestshop Bug

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by WoaCheng, Sep 10, 2012.

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    necrodoom i think no:

    Acrobot How to disable essentialsprotect file???
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    o.0 I've never used any other method of getting the sign click since the beginning of Bukkit.

    I'd say that you have to turn it off in the config, but I don't use Essentials, so I don't know the details.
    Also, are you sure that you are not in the CREATIVE mode? (There is a setting in ChestShop that by default prevents users in creative mode using shops)
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    oh say it^^

    it works, a little bit.

    but no: in the server properties file i change gamemode to 0 and no changes. all was on gamemode creative.
    so i write /gamemode 0 Jo in chat to make jo in gamemode 0. But in the chat i see "Change Gamemode to Creative from Oliver" . And the other problem: i have 30 money and 4 torches cost 8 dollar. i buy 4 and i get them. but i cant buy more, only if i sell 4 torches.

    sry for this english ^^
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    Er there was never a sign interact event it was only
    1. public void (PlayerInteractEvent event){
    2. event.getSign() //blah blah blah forgot the rest of it
    3. }

    cause u dont have anymore money???

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    no, 4 torches cost 8 dollar (2 dollar per torch). i had enough money
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    Man I feel sorry for you. Having such an annoying problem and u cant solve it :(
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    the plugin is not so important. yet I would like to use it :(
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