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    Suggested name: ChestPreview

    What I want: I'd like a plugin where you can place a chest down and display items in this chest with a name and multiple lores. For example when players right-click a chest they can view the items they can get from voting but cannot take the items out of the chest.

    It's not a kit so not a kitpreview plugin but a plugin that allows you to display items in a chest without having players take the items but able to see the enchantments, lores and item name. I can easily add lores and other items saying Info and all that I just need a plugin that makes it so you can put items in a chest and players can't take them out of the chest.

    In the config I'd also like to be able to customize how many chest rows will be show IE 9,18,27, ect.

    Ideas for commands:
    /displaychest - Gives you a chest that you can put on the ground and place items in

    /displaychest confirm - confirms the items you put in that chest

    Ideas for permissions: displaychest.preview - Can preview any display chest
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    You can download here
    And source is here

    To get a display chest do /displaychest, to edit a display chest a player with the perm "displaychest.edit" can hold shift when clicking the chest.

    Let me know of any bugs or anything! :D
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    connorlinfoot Thanks, when I try to shift and right-click the item into the chest it gives the item back to me and doesn't put it in the chest.

    Also when you place down any chest no matter what it turns into a displaychest

    connorlinfoot Also you cannot place stuff in chests

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    This is fixed now

    You need to hold shift when first opening the chest, not when placing in items.
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    Please set this thread to Filled! :)

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    connorlinfoot Think you can fix the glitch in the DisplayChest plugin where when you open the chest it stays open?
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    From what I can tell this is a server/client glitch, I will have a quick look later and check to see if it's possible to fix but no promises.
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    connorlinfoot Okay also can you make it so instead of placing down a chest and opening it, you can just type /displaychest then right-click the chest and it turns into a displaychest. Then you can shift + left click it store the items in it and when you left click it, it shows you the items in the chest?
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    Try the latest 1.1 snapshot here:

    You should be able to do it with that, let me know if it works, not had time to test it cause I coded it on my phone on the way to work this morning xD
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    connorlinfoot it won't let me edit the chest I'm holding shift + right click and it wont put the items in the chest
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