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    I want to make a PvP-Server with a friend of mine and we need a Plugin.
    It should do this:
    You can lock a chest with an Item.
    Others (if they have the permission to do so) should be able to crack it with another Item but not immedantly, so you need like 60 secs until the chest is open. If the Player who owns the chest is offline, the other one should not be able to crack the chest. And, it should have like a logout protection, so you are 10mins longer be able to crack the chest if the other just logged out. Would be nice if you could adjust the settings in a configfile.

    I would be verry happy if someone could make such a plugin for me :)

    I hope my english is good enough (im german^^)
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    A Plugin like this will be fine. I would use it to. It would be a fine RPG plugin.
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    There is a plugin for this. Please search for it :)
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    I searched but found none :D Can you post the link pleas?
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    Sure! <Edit by Moderator: Redacted bit url>
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