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    Hello, I need a plugin that allows shopping, using a GUI. This would be more user friendly and compact.

    So, to create a shop chest, look at the chest, then type /chest shop

    To put items into the chest, punch the chest whilst holding the item. To buy an item, open the chest and click on the item you would like to buy. To sell, right click the item. The prices can be changed in the config file.

    The attachment shows my intention on how it should look.

    Commands: /chestshop create: turns a chest into a chest shop
    /chestshop delete: breaks the chest shop, destroying all the contents as well
    /chestshop remove: turns the chest shop into a normal chest

    Restrictions of the chest shop:

    Players cannot take items out of the chest, or place new ones, neither break the chest.


    chestshop.create - allows for creating and removing chest shops
    chestshop.delete - allows for deleting chest shops

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  2. This would be hard but possible you just need to use import org.bukkit.ChatColor
    So the items inside that are buy able or sellable or out of stock are ok.

    Using My API I made its almost possible just need to make the plugin and get the thing.

    But my plugin is maven
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    Heckya1234 (The_3_gamers) You know that you are not at the plugin development forum? And the stock is handled by what the user has put it in
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    I have already started working on something like this! I started a GUI Market plugin, since I have started I have created a buy and sell gui. Is there anything more you would like to have in this plugin, because if so I can add it, otherwise, pm me and I'll have you beta test it ;)

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