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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by harvmaster, Aug 14, 2015.

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    Hi I have been trying to loop through a config for a variable's x coordinate then if it finds that, goes to y and then to z. But I have no clue how I would loop through it and find it.

    I feel like it would be something like this but I have no clue

    Object[] dungeonS = CustomEnchants.plugin.getConfig().getConfigurationSection("dungeons").getKeys(true).toArray();
                    for (int i = 0; i < dungeonS.length; i++ ) {
    The config variables are created by the player so I don't know how to check the names and the children nodes.
    And it looks like this;

    Dungeons: '#Create the dungeons ingame with /Dungeon Create Chest'
    x: -283
    y: 69
    z: 198
    world: world
    Difficulty: 4
    x: -280
    y: 69
    z: 195
    world: world
    Difficulty: 5

    Any help is appreciated.
    Thanks in advanced,
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    Could you be more specific; what are you trying to do, what purpose has it?
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    Sorry, I guess I haven't really given much information.

    I am trying to make a loot chest plugin where the user of the plugin will create various chests that can be looted. I want a way to go through the config file and check if a chest a player has just opened, is a loot chest. Since these are going to be saved in the config with a random name I have no idea how to get to the child nodes for the coordinates of the chest if I don't know what the chest is named. I was originally using a method where the player has to name the chest in an anvil but after trying to set up multiple of these it became extremely annoying and inconvenient.

    I am looking for a way to determine if it's a loot able chest.
  4. @harvmaster Can you please tell me what is returned when you do

    This will help me helping you!
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    for (String GameName : getConfig().getConfigurationSection("dungeons").getKeys(false) {
                for (String variable : getConfig().getConfigurationSection("dungeons."+GameName).getKeys(false) {
                    if (variable.equalsIgnoreCase("x") {
                        int x = getConfig().getInt("dungeons."+GameName+"."+"variable");
                        //do the same for y z difficulty world etc...
    If your config file looks like that, the method above should help you.
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    Thank you @caderape, your code worked great and my plugin is working a lot better.
    Really appreciate it. Thanks
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