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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Alex022, Dec 16, 2017.

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    hi, my plugin checks only the first free slot, but I don't understand why, I want it the plugin check all the slots, I want that in any slot the item is put this is detected.
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    I'm pretty sure YAML doesn't like spaces on the left side, but I could be wrong.
    There shouldn't be any reason that it should only check the first free slot.
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    what spaces on the left side?

    please can someone help me?

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    @Drkmaster83 you were close but indeed the config doesn't like spaces. If you would like to add spaces you would have to make a separate path with a "." in the middle. Such as "Item.key".

    For the inventory problem, it's not just searching for the empty spot. It's because there could be problems with the config. I do suggest testing if the item equals null or the item type is air. If so continue the loop. Because the loop is searching through the contents of the inventory. You might not see it but it's going through all the items.

    Solutions that should be done:
    • Try changing your config so that it doesn't have spaces such as "Item key", "Withering I". Put them together like "Itemkey" and "WitheringI".
    • Things that you could try to see which slot it could be searching through. Try sending the slot # to you to see which slots it is displaying. A player inventory has 40 slots in 1.8 or under if you're in 1.9 it would be 41 since of the extra hand slot. Try making a hashmap and store it like "HashMap<Integer, ItemStack>" to get the slot and the ItemStack of it.
    • If the problem persists, try without doing an entity or make a test plugin that searches through inventory to test to see what code works and what doesn't. Then try and import that code into the current code you have.
    If this doesn't help try redoing that specific part of the class.

    Hope it helps,
    ~ HypixelAdam_
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