Chatmanager Permission for chatting?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by raketenspeed, Apr 21, 2016.

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    Hey there,
    i configured PermissionsEX with a 1.9.2 Spigot Server.
    Everything works but i cant chat while i am not an Admin on my says the chat is blocked.

    I removed the Chatmanager Folder from the Plugins Folder and now i can Chat but i have no Colors...what is the Permission for Chatmanager for PEX?
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    @raketenspeed Hello, this is not the forum to post this, this forum section is to request plugins to developers.
    But, I will reply your question.
    Where you don't have colors? using color codes?
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    A big thanks first.

    I mean the colors like: &6 TEXT.

    edit: if i remove Chatmanager, i cant write with colors like &4 TEXT and the Prefixes wont work.

    edit2: Problem Fixed.I removed Chatmanger and downloaded EssentialsChat 2.x Snapshot and now everything works.

    ps.My english is bad, i didnt know that i posted in the wrong section and i say Sorry @all.
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