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    Word Replace - A Simple Word Replacing Plugin, Version: v8.0 This plugin replaces a few words, case insensitive , with one set word. As in, if you are an Admin on a server, you can make it so variations of you name are changed to one set name, and then colored. That way, you will notice users in need easier.

    Side note - Sorry to everyone, kinda died for a few months; just been very busy and distracted. I never heard that it didn't work so I just left it alone until now, again, sorry.

    • In depth word replacing now.
    • Create the confiqs.
    • Some punctuation marks at the end of a word will also be caught and changed, keeping the punctuation. ("!","!!!","'s","?",".")
    • COMMANDS!!!
    • When a user FULLY types in either the user name or display name of another player, it CAN be colored.
    Planned features:
    • Permissions for commands.
    • Better command error handling. (There is none right now, if there was an error, it catches it but doesn't tell you. 100% of success kinda thing.)
    • A few more commands i want to add.
    • Debating on making WAKAWAKA list a permanent part of the code
    • Post Ideas Below.
    Download WordReplace
    Source Code

    The Commands are as follow:

    /WR reload - reloads the plugin's config file
    /WR version - replies with the version number
    /WR list - replies with a list of all the current wordreplacements
    /WR add - Add a list to the config (Auto Reloads)
    /WR remove - Remove a list from the config(Auto Reloads)
    /WR help - Pretty strait forward and the best way to learn about the commands.

    To use the name replacer, set the node "replace-user-names" to true, and a random color will be chosen.

    Version 8.0
    • Fixed some things and updated to latest version.
    • The replace-name feature works now, but no longer can you choose the color.
    • The word list looks nicer.
    Version 6.1
    • Small code changes.
    Version 6.0
    • Added some safety catches to try to make sure the plugin doesn't crash.
    • Added /wr help, a Very useful command.
    • Changed /wr List a lot.
    • Changed the code around a little so that way, you don't need to have a word replacing list, just a word to replace to. As in you can have "- DARK_BLUE,WAKAWAKA" as a word list now.
    • Made it so that if a new node isn't in your config, it is added, instead of just breaking the configuration. YAY!!!
    • Random colors now only choose Brighter Colors and RAND can be used as a color choice.
    • Some code moving around and clean-up.
    More Changes :
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    Version 5.1
    • Added the name replaced and corresponding Node.
    • Fixed the /wr remove command, works correctly now.
    • Changed /wr List a bit.
    Version 5.0
    • Fixed the command /wr Reload. Redid a lot of code to do it.
    • Added the commands /wr Add & /wr Remove
    • Only OPs and Server console can use the commands now.
    • Changed /wr List a bit
    • Redid config file for easier readability (Delete old ones)(Again)
    • Made A LOT/TON/MASSIVE mess in the code, probably some bugs. PM any please.
    Version 4.0
    • Fixed the commands EXCEPT reload. Can't get it to work.
    • Redid config file for easier readability (Delete old ones) and added Color List
    • Got rid of the number of lists variable, realized better solution.
    • Cleaned up code A LOT/TON/MASSIVE AMOUNTS
    Version 3.0
    • Broke ALL commands except version
    • Added some things to make it so you can replace multiple words with different colors
    • Cleaned up code a little
    Version 2.0
    • Added some commands (/Wr)
    • Redid config file for easier readability (Delete old ones)
    • Cleaned up code a little
    Version 1.0
    • Initial release
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    You have to choose which color you wany, you can have it random if you set "replace-user-names" to true, set it to a color to select that color or false to turn it off.
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    Mike Geitz

    I love this plugin and seriously wish I could use it; it seems to break the 'showcase' plugin though :(

    Any chance on a fix? Or is this a problem with showcase that I should raise over there?
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    what is showcase?
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    Just to let you know, the commands you use are the same as weather restrictions which appears to win over your plugin. Any chance of you making a long form of the command as well? like /wordreplace reload?
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    Can do, next chance i get.
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    hmm... the plugin used to work fine for us, but now none of the wordreplacings work... only the username replacing works. Any idea whats going on? We use essentials.
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    is there an error message in the logs at all? and could the username replacing be overriding the normal wordreplacing?
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    Just tried this plugin. Works well if username replacing is off. So yes, username replacing is overriding word replacing.
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    Needs updating/fixing. No errors at all, it just isn't working.
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    so what this does? so i can config that if someone says in chat like hey janttux it will correct it to:
    hey JanTTuX

    or is this plugin like colorme?
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    Yea, you can do that and more. I have mine set to filter all variants of my name to Beast so that it is easy to get my attention when players need help.
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    Hi i love your plugin, it works well for me, but
    i want to replace something like ":)" i hate those smilys.
    It looks like the can't write proper sentences.
    But the plugin semms to think that the ":" is used for separating.
    maybe you could change the ":" to something else, or make a config for it.
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    It would be nice to have it not attempt to insert colour codes at all. Just leave that alone entirely.
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    Been using this to correct common misspellings. I love it. Thanks.
    - WHITE,[what],wat:wut
    - WHITE,[what's],wats:wuts
    - WHITE,[I'm],im
    - WHITE,[why],y
    - WHITE,[you],u
    - WHITE,[you're],ur
    - WHITE,[someone],some1:sum1
    - WHITE,[sorry],srry:sry:soz
    - WHITE,[only],onyl
    - WHITE,[where'd],wered:whered
    - WHITE,[there's],theres
    - WHITE,[doesn't],doesnt
    - WHITE,[can't],cant
    - WHITE,[he's],hes
    - WHITE,[she's],shes
    - WHITE,[isn't],isnt
    - WHITE,[that's],thats
    - WHITE,[didn't],didnt
    - WHITE,[won't],wont
    - WHITE,[shouldn't],shouldnt
    - WHITE,[wouldn't],wouldnt
    - WHITE,[couldn't],couldnt
    - WHITE,[don't],dont
    - WHITE,[what's],whats
    - WHITE,[wasn't],wasnt
    - WHITE,[weren't],werent
    - WHITE,[haven't],havent
    - WHITE,[are],r
    - WHITE,[because],cuz:coz
    - WHITE,[I'll],ill
    - WHITE,[thank you],ty:thx:thxs
    - WHITE,[please],plz
    - WHITE,[a lot],alot
    - WHITE,[rbos],robos:robs
    - WHITE,[grief],grif:greif
    - WHITE,[griefer],grifer:greifer:giefer
    - WHITE,[griefing],grifing:greifing
    - WHITE,[griefed],grifed:greifed:griefd
    - WHITE,[griefers],grifers:greiferS
    - WHITE,[I've],Ive
    - WHITE,[never],nvr
    - WHITE,[the],teh:da
    - WHITE,[anyone],any1:ne1
    - WHITE,[any],ne
  16. Any plans to update this plugin? It is dearly missed on my server.

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