[CHAT] StopCursing v1.0 - Stop players from cursing! [R1]

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    This is my first plugin, StopCursing, it is simple but useful for every server!
    Easy to use, light-weight, just put it in the plugin folder!

    BukkitDev: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/multibana-stopcursing/
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    * Stops cursing
    * Stops racism
    * Player that curses receives a message back saying: "[Police] Stop cursing, (Player name)"



    To Do List:
    * Make it configureable
    * Kick the player that curses
    * Half a heart damage warning before kick

    v 1.0
    * Releasing StopCursing.
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    Does this plugin provide a banned words dictionary? I am yet to find a plugin that does.
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    No, it just bans some bad words. Right now I'm working to make a config file that gives a list of all of the words and let you add more.
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    Ok, nice to know ;)
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    That's actually kind of awesome.... I will have to check this out.
    How exactly does it find racism? Racism is normally made up of sentences and I highly doubt this plugin records racist statements. The "N-Word" could be considered racist, but I myself consider that more so in the language category.
    If this plugin does find racist statements, which is rare, then you should also have it find sexist statements. For example, if I were to say: "Get back in the kitchen," or a sexist statements like that, then it could say:
    [Police] Stop Stereotyping, Tolerance
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    Thats a great idea, gonna add sentences. If you got any more banned stuff send me them in pm?
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    What do you mean more banned stuff? Like ideas? Oh well, I am going to just throw some more out at you now:
    1. In the config.txt, have a section that could look like this:
    Language Censorship: true
    Censorship Symbol: *
    Censored Words:

    Language Censorship meaning, if they make it true, it will still say "Stop Cursing," but instead, it will have *'s to fill the bad word, if set to false, (which false would be default) then nothing would change. "Stop Cursing" will still be there from the Police.
    Censorship Symbol meaning if you have 'Language Censorship' on True, then what symbol/letter/number do you want to replace the bad word. (* would be default, since most bad words are censored by them)
    Censored Words meaning a list of bad words you want to censor.

    This is just an idea, not forcing you to do it :D
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    Thats a great idea i can do it, but I'm still working on the config file, its my first plugin you know.
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    Please upgrade to latest RB
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    Will it work alright with chat channel plugins? mchat, ichat, herochat?
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    You should make a configurable config file :D
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    I would like to be able to create a censor list, so words like f^%k would come out ingame as fart! or something like that.

    mchat currently does that, but mchat is OVERLY complicated so I'm staying away from it.
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    Moved to releases
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    Can i get a plugin developer title?
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    OMG it says to login and im dogin tmy username and pass right and it says wrong pass like wtf some 1 plz help me i rely need to plugin or there will people curing on my server and i dont like that at all:mad:
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    Hi, what about doing damage to the player as a warning then kick if they persist.
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    Great idea! Gonna add it to next update!
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    You should make the config file look like this.

    Chat sensor: True
    Word Blacklist: (I dont cuss these are examples.)
    - fuck
    - shit
    - goddamn

    Sentence Blacklist:
    - Shut the fuck up.
    - Fuck you.

    Sensor word replacement: true
    - fark
    - shoot
    - damn
    ^These are the replacement words for the actual cuss words IF Sensor Word Replacement IS true.
    Sentence word replacement: false

    This is just an Idea. If you do like it, please put a new update with these in it :D.
    That would be awesome
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    Please change the version [R1] to [1.0.1-R1] :p

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    Jamie Tees

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