[CHAT] SimpleAlias v1.0.2 Chat name aliases [cb733]

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    Simple Alias 1.0.2

    Latest Jar Only

    SimpleAlias will allow players to give themselves an alias (nickname) that displays when they use chat.

    For Example, my login name is madcap_magician. By using the command `/alias Madcap` now whenever I use chat I will appear as Madcap.

    You can clear your alias by issuing the `/alias` command with no arguments. The command /nickname behaves the same way and you should use that command instead if you have other plugins that use the /alias command.

    * Persistance - Aliases are saved to a file between server restarts.
    * Command Replacement - Player issued commands containing asliases are automatically replaced with full names.
    * Alias Blacklist - Server admins can specify names players can't use such as "Notch" and "Admin".
    * Permissions Support - Only Players you allow can use this the /alias command.
    * Security - players can not use the name of another player as their alias.

    Aliases are currently limited to 12 characters, must be only 1 word and must be alphanumeric. All alias activity is logged in case of miss-use.

    The plugin now uses alias_config.yml in the plugin's data folder. It will work without this file but the blacklist feature won't work. In the YML file you can specify a list of names which are not allowed for aliases. I've provided a few already. The config file will be automatically updated when it is revised but your changes will not be over-written.

    Sample config file:
    ## list any names here that you do not want your players using (not case sensitive)
      - "notch"
      - "admin"
      - "administrator"
      - "server"
      - "console"
    Permissions Support
    This plugin now supports the Permissions plugin (http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/5974). If the permissions plugin exists and is enabled then the node 'SimpleAlias.*' is required for access to the /alias command, otherwise all players will have access to the /alias command.
    Here is an example granting permission to use /alias to the 'Players' group:
            default: false
                prefix: ''
                suffix: ''
                build: true
                - 'SimpleAlias.*'
    * Updated for CB733
    * Changed PLAYER_JOIN priority to prevent conflicts with Essentials plugin
    * Added command /nickname to deal with command name conflict on CommandHelper plugin
    * updates for CB612
    * Added support for permissions
    * Player issued commands containing aliases are automatically translated into full login names
    * Changed yml file to no longer require a world directory (now it comes from server.properties).
    * Added checking alias name against player login names.
    * Added list of aliases players aren't allowed to use (such as Notch, Admin etc).
    * Added .yml file for plugin configuration.
    * Fixed stupidly long constructor warning.
    * Release
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    OO okies thx.

    The plugins running on my server currently are:


    Using latest CB.

    I am unaware if the plugin comnflict still exists as I was using different plugins before CB 600+
    I will update you if it happens again however =D
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    Anyway to make this change the name tag above your head as well? Makes things less confusing. I will try to alter this myself, but I am also asking if it is within your abilities, as it may not be within mine.
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    I have no idea if it's possible. If bukkit/craft-bukkit support it I could definitely implement it.
  5. is there any way to remotely edit another users name? I have a user who has gotten quite a bad rep on the server, and i want to change his name, but i dont want him to be able to change his name whenever he wants... is this possible?
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    Please update to latest RB for releases.
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    Sorry, been out of the country. Will work on updating for the rb.

    Update: I'm waiting on a RB that supports MC 1.5.
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    You have no idea how happy I am to hear that :D everyone on my server loves this plugin; it's their favourite thing since they don't need to type all these long usernames for commands any more. Thankyouthankyou. There's not enough praise in this thread for this great, easy to use and simple plugin
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    still can't figure out a way to mask the name above the head with an alias?
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    Updated for latest RB.

    @GuavaT I still don't know how to do that. I don't think craft bukkit supports that.
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    You updated!
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    Can you rename other people? because i dont want people naming themselves mod's names or inapropriate things. The "Essentials" Plugin has it but conflicts with the "/god" command of worldgaurd so i removed it.
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    It already prevents people from using the names of other players or anything that is on the blacklist. If you need more protection than that you should use permissions and not give access to anyone whom you don't trust.

    Otherwise please explain the use case and how you'd expect it to work and we can discuss it.
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    Essentials let me enter the command "/nick [player name] [nickname]" and it would set that player.That way they cant do it themselves because i don't want constantly changing names. Thanks alot, Mason.
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    Seems to have broken for in-game chat after CB 819. :eek:
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    I think this plugin has memory leaks, can you check?
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    Does this still work with CB 860?

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    It still works! You will need to change +name to +displayname in iChat if you're using that, though.
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    Oh! Okay, I just tried it that day and it didn't work so I don't know what it does other than change your chat name. So does it change the name above your head too? Or just your chat name?

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    Just your chat name. The name above your head isn't changeable using Bukkit I believe.
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    Oh, okay thanks :D
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    The Zephyr Kid

    Hey i like this plugin alot. except could you make a command like '/alias [playername] [nickname]' so the admin can change peoples name with out having everyone changing names at will? thatd be great.
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    Alternatively, you could change their aliases by altering the config files directly.
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    mines not working :( Must be a plugin conflict. I updated iChat to use +displayname but no joy.

    Could Towny be causing a conflict? (I have a long string of plugins on the server but Towny is the only one I believe has the ability to change names)

    edit: /me and /msg both seem to work... it's just standard chat that doesn't
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    could you add it so i can change names of somebody else?
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    As an alternative, you could just change the config file containing the aliases if you have access to it.
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    Any chance on adding colour capabilities to the name change?
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    Hi! Great plugin, just have one request: I don't want people to change their name all the time cause i won't know who they are. I usually just allow to the commands to be used for a short while so everyone can change to what they want. Then i turn off the command so people can't change all the time. The problem is that they lose their nickname when they lose their permission to change alias. Soooo could you make it possible for players to keep their nickname even though they can't use the alias command?
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    Hi, I really love your plugin! It worked really nicely until we did the newest update 1060. Now it says I have gotten the alias and everything, but it doesn't show up in the chat. I also know it's not a permission problem because I am admin with permission for all commands. It might be the update of the plugin permission to permission 3 though. Please check it out I really want to keep using your plugin :)

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