[CHAT] SimpleAlias v1.0.2 Chat name aliases [cb733]

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    Simple Alias 1.0.2

    Latest Jar Only

    SimpleAlias will allow players to give themselves an alias (nickname) that displays when they use chat.

    For Example, my login name is madcap_magician. By using the command `/alias Madcap` now whenever I use chat I will appear as Madcap.

    You can clear your alias by issuing the `/alias` command with no arguments. The command /nickname behaves the same way and you should use that command instead if you have other plugins that use the /alias command.

    * Persistance - Aliases are saved to a file between server restarts.
    * Command Replacement - Player issued commands containing asliases are automatically replaced with full names.
    * Alias Blacklist - Server admins can specify names players can't use such as "Notch" and "Admin".
    * Permissions Support - Only Players you allow can use this the /alias command.
    * Security - players can not use the name of another player as their alias.

    Aliases are currently limited to 12 characters, must be only 1 word and must be alphanumeric. All alias activity is logged in case of miss-use.

    The plugin now uses alias_config.yml in the plugin's data folder. It will work without this file but the blacklist feature won't work. In the YML file you can specify a list of names which are not allowed for aliases. I've provided a few already. The config file will be automatically updated when it is revised but your changes will not be over-written.

    Sample config file:
    ## list any names here that you do not want your players using (not case sensitive)
      - "notch"
      - "admin"
      - "administrator"
      - "server"
      - "console"
    Permissions Support
    This plugin now supports the Permissions plugin (http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/5974). If the permissions plugin exists and is enabled then the node 'SimpleAlias.*' is required for access to the /alias command, otherwise all players will have access to the /alias command.
    Here is an example granting permission to use /alias to the 'Players' group:
            default: false
                prefix: ''
                suffix: ''
                build: true
                - 'SimpleAlias.*'
    * Updated for CB733
    * Changed PLAYER_JOIN priority to prevent conflicts with Essentials plugin
    * Added command /nickname to deal with command name conflict on CommandHelper plugin
    * updates for CB612
    * Added support for permissions
    * Player issued commands containing aliases are automatically translated into full login names
    * Changed yml file to no longer require a world directory (now it comes from server.properties).
    * Added checking alias name against player login names.
    * Added list of aliases players aren't allowed to use (such as Notch, Admin etc).
    * Added .yml file for plugin configuration.
    * Fixed stupidly long constructor warning.
    * Release
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    is there plans to tie in the nickname to the real name. would really make this stand out. For instance it would check all nick names and real names to make sure the name isnt taken and then use the nick name to call the real name through commands
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    It does check to see if the alias you want is already in use on the server.

    The latest version now translates aliases in user commands into real names.
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    When you once added it, then shut down server. Is it there when you join the next time?
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    --- merged: Feb 27, 2011 9:10 PM ---
    Updated to v0.2 with a few changes I've been meaning to make.
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    Is it possible to make it so that it is permissions enabled? There are some users I'd love to be able to have change their names, but definitely not everyone.
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    Please name your zip something other than plugins.zip in future uploads...

    Anyway, testing on 450ish. Wish me luck!
    --- merged: Feb 28, 2011 1:48 PM ---
    Okay, testing on 450ish when Minecraft.net is back up. :p
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    Will do for v0.3

    If the files go into the plugins directory then isn't plugins.zip the correct name to use? Put the file into your minecraft dir, extract it, delete it, done.
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    Working great in 450+. I assume this plugin is very simple and hard to break? :3

    Anyway, naming it plugins.zip is (A) unconventional and (B) potentially conflicting if somebody else has the same zip file. It also makes it hard to track down your zip file if I choose to store it somewhere, unless I rename it.

    ...I really don't know why this is an argument in the first place. <_>

    The contents of these zips almost universally go straight into the plugins subfolder. Wouldn't it make more sense to just have a SimpleAlias.zip with the .jar and subfolder inside?

    general.zip contains /general/, general.jar and some readme files.
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    what does cmd mean it says /alias nickname cmd
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    You'll need to clarify your question.

    It's just:

    /alias maxyboy
    to set your alias and:

    to clear it.
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    This doesnt work for CB 470+
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    I'm currently running 493 and it's working just fine. Please elaborate on what problems you're having.
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    I decided not to support permissions at this time.
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    Jonathan Bloom

    This plugin conflicts with CommandHelper, what should I do?
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    Try grabbing the source and changing every instance of alias to something else. Then use that command.
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    Updated to 1.0.0

    Supports permissions using the SimpleAlias.* node
    When a player submits a command that contains an alias, it is now translated into a full user name.
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    Tried it on b556;

    permissions nodes work properly, the problem is alias's saving into the file, but my players have to /alias and clear their alias on login and re do it everytime. They are saving, but its not persisting.
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    n30nex, is there anyting alias related in the log? I am not experiencing any propblems with persistence.

    Can you detail what you're observing so I can try to re-produce it?
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    I run the server with n30nex.
    The only issue we have is if you have an alias set when you leave and connect again you must clear your alias then re-set it for it to show up in chat, but when they join in console it says that this player has connected with the alias ___. The aliases are saving properly, but are not showing up when you join. There are no errors in console at all.

    If you need me to list our plugins I could.
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    City Builder

    Thank you, works well.
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    Please do. I'm thinking it sounds like a plugin conflict. I'm guessing another plugin is changing the display name after mine.

    Also, try running this version. I modified the priority of the Player Join event so hopefully it runs last.

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    The only plugins I can think of that we are running that could cause it would be Essentials or iChat.
    I'll try that version and edit this post to let you know if it is working and if it doesn't I'll get a full list of our plugins.

    EDIT: It works now, thanks for the quick fix.
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    Thanks, that revision works great.

    Was it an issue with onPlayerJoin being used in iChat and loading first?
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    Something was changing the display name after SimpleAlias, but it wasn't iChat because iChat doesn't look at PLAYER_JOIN. Maybe I'll poke around in the Essentials source.

    Next time I update the plugin I'll include this change in the main version.
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    can you please add download source to craftbukkituptodate?
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    I'll look into it, I'm not sure what that involves.
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    awsome, its just adding your source hardcoded to his post or something like that :)
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    Hello, I've been a user of this plugin since CB 493 and it's a great experience for my users of my server xD

    The only glitch was that upon death the alias was removed.

    The main issue now is that in the latest craft bukkit (612)

    This plugin is no longer compatible =<
    Do you plan to update this plugin? =o
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    I'm working on an update right now for cb612.

    If the alias is being reset upon death that is a conflict from another plugin. Please let me know what plugins you're running.

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