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    Silence - Mute or silence annoying or abusive chatters:
    Version: v0.9.2

    This lightweight plugin allows users to slap a silencer on other players when they become loud, abusive or just down-right annoying.

    • Can issue timed silences, specified in seconds.
    • Global silencing.
    • Can set, reset and query silence status of players.
    • Persistant across join/parts and server reloads.
    • Supports all major permissions systems.
    • Ignore other players.


    Source Code:

    Commands (open)

    • /silence - Show information on command usage
    • /silence <player> - Query silenced status of <player>.
    • /silence <player> {ON|OFF|<duration>} - Set or remove a silencing.
    • /silenceall - Query status of global silencing.
    • /silenceall {ON|OFF|<duration>} - Set or remove global silencing.
    • /ignore <player> - Query silenced status of <player>.
    • /ignore <player> {ON|OFF|<duration>} - Set or remove a silencing.

    Duration formats:
    1d2h3m4s = 1 day, 2 hours, 3 minutes, 4 seconds. Each term is optional. Eg. 1d5s is 1 day 5 seconds.
    1:2:3:4 = 1 day, 2 hours, 3 minutes, 4 seconds. Preceding terms are optional. Eg. 1:23 is 1 minute 23 seconds.
    3600 = 3600 seconds, or 1 hour.
    Permissions (open)

    • silence.query - Allow user to query silence status of players.
    • silence.modify - Allow user to set/remove a silencing.
    • silence.queryall - Allow user to query silence status of global silencing.
    • silence.modifyall - Allow user to set/remove a global silencing.
    • silence.silenceall.ignore - User may ignore the global silencing and speak.
    Changelog (open)

    Version 0.9.2
    • Fixed permissions I broke on the previous version.
      Version 0.9.1
      • No idea, can't remember.
        Version 0.9
        • Updated to Bukkit 1337.
        • Added support for all major permissions systems.
        Version 0.8.1
        • Fixed checking for silence state.
        Version 0.8
        • Updated to Bukkit 953
        Version 0.7
        • Lots of changes, too many to list. Thanks guys :)
        Version 0.6.1
        • Updated to Bukkit 740
        Version 0.6
        • Implemented new silence duration formats
        • Implemented global silences.
        • Added permission to bypass global silences.
        Version 0.5
        • Changed priority to 'Highest'.
        • Now silences players from using "/me".
        • Checks for cancelled events, as per Bukkit recommendations.
        Version 0.4
        • Implemented timed silences.
        • Silences are now persistant.
        Version 0.3
        • Updated "plugin.yml" to give more information.
        Version 0.2
        • Updated to new Bukkit command structure.
        Version 0.1
        • Initial release.
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    so, they can just leave and rejoin, then you have to keep muting them. doesnt seem very useful
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    Give me suggestions on what to change, then. Under what conditions should a user's silence be removed? It was done like this so if the admins go to bed, silenced users aren't stuck being silenced, but this is a bad idea. How can I do this differently?
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    Can you please make an option to permanently silence a player?
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    Sure, I'll have that done later today, most likely. Say, 2-3 hours?
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    OMG thank you for doing this, i've been looking for something like this for ages! <3
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    Done. Silences are now persistant across server reloads/restarts and across player parts/joins. Also, timed silences are now implemented. "/silence <player> <time-in-seconds>" :)
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    I love you.

    P.S. Another great feature would be to silence the fools after they log out. Since right now you can only do it when they are online :)
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    Thank you for this; the duration and persistence are exactly what I need for my moderators. :)

    EDIT: As far as requests go, would it be possible to use a switch for seconds, minutes and hours?

    eg. /silence DevRW 15 m

    would be 15 minutes, s and h for seconds and hours. That'd be great if you were able to!
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    Great plugin! The only issue I found were players still being able to use /me to avoid the silence.
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    You're right. I'll fix that presently.
  12. Hmm... so this is a global mute plugin ? It would've been more usefull to silence players only to you, so only you can ignore them.
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    v0.5 released. Now blocks the "/me" command.

    Certainly possible. I can make it to use "40" for 40 seconds, "15:30" for 15 minutes 30 seconds, etc... Not right now, though, but soon.
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    Or you could use /silence bob 1h4m30s :)

    Great plugin, I have been looking for something like this for a while! :)
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    Love this plugin, works great but I'm always scared/confused that when I start the server (even though 100% sure I have 0.5) it say's "19:42:46 [INFO] Silence version 0.3 loaded". Hard coded string?
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    0.5 is the version on GitHub, I just downloaded it and checked. Open the .jar file in your favourite ZIP program and view plugin.yml. Check if it's 0.3 or 0.5. You may be downloading an older version that was cached by either your computer, gateway or ISP.
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    Yeah, ISP's here cache and tunnel everything through a proxy + Chrome likes to cache a lot as well.

    Yeah, I redownloaded with Firefox and now it's 0.5, thanks for the speedy reply!
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    can i be cheeky and request all variable so we can do /silence all 1 :)

    this would be very usefull for when admin need to announce something
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    Of couse you can be cheeky and do so. It's a great feature. :) Today I have to implement a new feature in one of my other plugins, then add the "1m30s" notation to this plugin, and then I'll add a /silenceall command. (Just in case a user has the username "all". Rare, but possible.)

    EDIT: /silenceall is done, and there is a new permission to allow some users to talk when global silencing is enabled. Working on parsing 1m30s format now.
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    Thanks thats great news :)
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    Version 0.6 released. New permission, global silencing, multiple duration formats.
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    Top draw!

    tested works like a charm...... all the players where rly happy when i announced anyone who says me in next 60 seconds gets free diamonds. ;p

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    ROFL, haha, that's great :D
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    Works great, thanks a lot. But can you give permissions to admins (or ops) that a mod can't silence him?
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    this is a WIN plugin , but i just jail the annoying ones or use the "annoy" plugin
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    Hasn't been working for a few RB's now with no errors in the console- is it just me? Are you planning to update to the latest RB?

    I can mute a player, but they can still talk as if I never used the command.
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    Yeah, the most recent Bukkit changes b0rked many of my plugins. I'm planning on updating them as soon as I get MultiHome out the door. I'm aiming to release tonight.
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    Awesome, sounds wonderful. Thank you. :)
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    Updated. New version, 0.6.1, tested 740 compatible.
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    How difficult would it be to block player to player chat? I've got a girl on my server who is constantly getting harassed by 2 kids; one has been banned because he 'crossed the line', and the other will likely follow if he keeps it up.

    I'd be interested in some variation of the IRC 'ignore' command, something that a player can use (/ignore %player) to block chat from a specific individual.
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