[CHAT] RevverChat v1.1 - Private Chat system for Admins/Ops - Now with Permissions! [1185]

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    Version: v1.1
    This plugin enables the server's Administrators (Admins) or Operators (Ops) to have their own private chat channel by command. You can also give the permission to another user of that server to let them chat with admins too! The messages will only be sent to ops or granted people and the console itself, with a little prefix in front of the message which is configurable by yourself via a config file.​
    Download Latest jar (dropbox): RC.jar
    • Changeable name of private chat ingame or by config file.
    • Private Chat for Admins/Ops/People with Permission to do so.
    • Changeable colour of private chat ingame or by config file.
    Future Updates:
    • Ability to add users to the admin chat or kick them from it
    • Requests?
    • /revver on - switches to Private chat mode.
    • /revver off - switches to Normal chat mode.
    • /revver <message> - types a message to admin chat when in normal chat.
    • /revver setcolor <color> - sets the channel tag color.
    • /revver setchannelname <name> - sets the channel name.
    Supported Colors:

    Permission nodes:

    • v1.1 - Bugfixes - added colour changing and text changing
    • v1.0 - Release!
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    Thanks! :D
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    Thanks Jayden :D

    Next update: Seperate Chats for normal players and maybe certain factions :3

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    Awesome plugin~!
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    Thank you :)
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    Awesome! I love this plugin, it's now Random
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    Thank you so much :D
  10. if you could make it so that like persay if an admin/op individual wanted to open a chat with an individual player on the server and the two could communicate untill that admin closes it I would def download this. right now Im unsure as my server is still "beta" installing mods n such that I like and setting up world configuration (protected cities n such)

    so like
    /[command] [mode] [player]
    this turns the private chat on and off
    and a simple command to reply back and forth preferably a one letter command
    or you could do something like ./[msg] < - notice the dot:
    (EX) ./I Like tator tots
    and when the mode is activated to the player it sends a quick msg stating that an admin/op is now speaking with them and what that command is to reply
    and an exit msg too!!

    then the only other suggestion i have is that if you make basic private msging for players as well with this mod, maybe change chat format so its prettier than basic chat minecraft comes with

    but if you added the first suggestion this would be the best chat mod for minecraft out there PERIOD!!! and I would mos def recommend to anyone running a server

    btw I REALLY REALLY like the idea of player-admin based private chat command being "./" it works as long as it doesnt conflict with something else!

    ./[player] on and off
    maybe make it so that you can msg directly with activate command?
    ./[player] [msg]
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    Ill try and get permissions out first and then ill try going into more depth :)
  12. will you please tag me when you are finished with permissions and start working on more depth? of all the chat plugins out there your's has the most potential of being a "real" chat mod. you'd def be #1 !

    and can you explain permissions? i see people say that alot, "gotta do permissions blah blah what does that mean?
    sorting out permissions of the plugin? as to interacting with the world?
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    Ok basically im writing permissions with the node "revver.chat" basically meaning that if the player in the permissions.txt file is in the group (eg normal) and the group has the node "revver.chat", then the group can use the admin/private chat... If just one user has the permission node "revver.chat" then he can only use it with others who have the same node :)


    @cuddleswifkitenz i released it now :)

    So tell me exactly what u want doing?

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  14. ahh okay! thankyou for explaining :)
    plz tag me when you work on more features! I'll follow you the best I can but Idk how fast or how long you work at things!

    wait you mean what I want doing with your plugin?

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    Like what do you want me to add in the next update?
  16. @Revver
    basically like I said in my first post, is that currently you have a plugin that creates a grp chat for all admins/mods!

    but what I was suggesting is include a basic whisper feature for the entire server so anyone can whisper anyone - that's the easy part!

    the hard part is I'd REALLY REALLY like you to add a feature that allows said admins and mods to speak with an individual players as an ADMIN chat

    so basically you enter a command - I'll use my example:
    ./[player] [mode]
    the player then receives a msg similar to this, "[Admin/Moderator] is now speaking with you! use "./" to respond!"
    then the two would talk to each other using "./[msg]"
    when he's done talking to said player renter the command
    ./[player] [mode]

    and viola!!!!

    think you can do that?

    *EDIT* a glorified whisper for admin to player basically!

    @Revver if you do add admin to play whisper thingy should make it so users cannot whisper admins or mods without proper permissions so that people cant just randomly do it

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    Ok what im doing is that there is a new chat which players can create, and join to... No permissions for that version yet...

    What it is say like someone types /revver cpc Blah - This will create a new chat called Blah and people can type /revver jpc Blah - to join the chat and talk with the people within the group :)

    I will add permissions to that later :)

    EDIT: @cuddleswifkitenz just press 'Watch this thread' at the top of the Thread :)
  18. kk well now that you know what I wanted - I'll be waiting!! ty for the watch this thread bit wasnt paying attention/didnt know
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    Alright :) Itll be done soon! :3
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    Is this compatible with Advanced Towny and CraftIRC? If it is it looks like the perfect to use, if not I still like how it is going :)
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    This looks good going to use it when we update.

    I'm a but curious about player chat your adding shouldn't you also have it so it requires a password to access that channel?

    Say 3 people want to chat and someone decides to troll you wouldn't want them just logging onto the chat randomly without being allowed by either a invite or a password.
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    I can try and implement passwords into the player chat but permissions are staying for admin chat :)
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    Good from what I read I was half mistaken you were adding a whole player chat side in.

    As for the guy above with the reply you can /r to keep the chat going back and forth unless you are using multiple messages.

    But a admin invite player to there chat with a accept command would be ideal also as theirs a few times multiple admins/mods may want to chat to a single player at the same time privately.

    As we have had a few instances like that in the past.

    Mby something like.

    (Admin commands)
    /revver invite playername
    /revver uninvite playername

    (Player commands)
    /revver accept
    /revver deny

    So the admin sends a request if the user accepts he gets to partake in admin chat till he is uninvited or logs out.

    If he denys then a message is sent saying he declined the chat opportunity.
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    Ok i will try and implement that once i finish the actual player system.. I am still fairly new to plugin devving :)
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    err this plugin crashed my server, now i cant connect via remote desktop, i dont mean to say this if it isnt true, but virus?

    err ever since i installed this ive had nothing but trouble
    i managed to stop this thing crashing my server but now my ram useage is double what it used to be, wtf
    anyone getting the same?

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    Well its fine for me dude... Don't know what your complaining about?
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    it gave me that buffer overflow error, had to completely reinstall java

    and mind you, it still gives me that error, it just doesnt crash me as much now.

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    Well its fine :L
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    Would it be possible for you to increase compatibility with CraftIRC alpha 3? For some reason this chat comes through to IRC whereas things such as /msg or /helpop do not, my server could really use a plugin that did this.
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    oh umm
    Ill try and make it compatible... Not sure though because im pretty busy... Does someone else want to help develop this with me?
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