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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Pomme72, Aug 26, 2011.

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    I'm looking for limit the chat radius to 100 blocks.

    Essentials's doing it, but it's don't work on my server u_u

    I don't wanna use Herochat.

    Do you know another plugin for me ?

    Thank you dudes :)
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    The ChatManager of PEX has this functionality (and switching from permissions or groupmanager to PEX or some other SuperPerms compatible plugin is highly recommended ;))
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    Sounds like a great thing. Is there something that changes the chat color based on distance? For example:
    white: near
    light gray: medium
    dark gray: far away
    black: nearly out of chat distance
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    I like the idea of the colours :)
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    Yeah, great idea :) NEED IT as soon as possible ^^

    PEX don't work for me ;(

    With a Spout support, that'll be SO fine :D

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    It can probably be done without spout, the colours
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    try ichat ?
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    iChat don't do this radius :eek:
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    HeroChat does i think
    and LocalChat
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    Lunar Delta

    Why don't you want to use Herochat? It is easy to set up and has significantly more functionality than any other chat manager.
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    Herochat don't work for me :(

    LocalChat ? I don't know this :eek:
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    Lunar Delta

    You probably didn't configure it right. There it no reason at all it should not work for any particular person.
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    OMG I'm so stupid loooool ^^

    TY iPhysX *_* I didnt know localchat xD but now I have it and it's work perfectly, TY again =)
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    feildmaster Retired Staff

    But is it... SIMPLE? :D And yes, I do realize this thread was last posted in before I publicized ChannelChat. :)
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    Lunar Delta

    Simple enough for me.
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    feildmaster Retired Staff

    Okay fine, does it support other chat plugins? :p
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    Lunar Delta

    Why would a full featured chat plugin need to support other chat plugins? That's like asking if Permissions supports other permission plugins.
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    feildmaster Retired Staff

    That's the thing though, you shouldn't have to have it as "full featured." When it's full featured it makes it even harder for other plugins that DO need to mess with the chat (IE: factions)
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    Stay with groupmanager
    I dropped GM+ so ElgarL can take it
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    I need a local chat again but plugin's inactive and Herochat isn't updated yet.

    Help please :(
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