[CHAT]QuickPM v1.0 - Easy way to sending PM's with : suffix behind nick [1.2.3-R0.1]

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  1. QuickPM is a lightweight plugin written for craft bukkit 1.2.3. It's used to send quick private messages.

    v1.0 - 16.3.2012 - first release

    Just copy QuickPM.jar to your plugins folder.

    Using only a few letters from the user's nickname will send the private message even faster.
    e.g. to message tomikcz you can either enter "tomikcz: message" or "tom: message"

    download: http://xmc.cz/QuickPM.jar
    source: https://github.com/tomikcz/QuickPM
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    Essentials has /msg <player name part> <message> which is pretty fast, but their response command /r <message< (response) command is even faster!
    Also, please stick to the order of the example template and the changelog can't be in a spoiler, quoting it is allowed however.

    Add version numbers of the plugin to your changelog otherwise it would destroy the point of a changelog.
  3. Thank you, I can add r: functionality also. This way with ":" behind of nick (or part of nick) is more naturally. You can write nick, and then you can make decision if you want send this msg as public, or private.
    I will fix the change log.

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