Inactive [CHAT] PvPRank v0.1 - Rank players based on KDR [1.3.1-R1-0]

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    PvPRank v0.1 - Rank Players Based on KDR:
    Version: v0.1

    Have you ever wanted to give players ranks based on their PvP stats? Well, now you can! This plugin will automatically record players' PvP kills and deaths and find their KDR, then rank them against all the other players on the server. Their rank is displayed as a suffix after their username, like so:


    Give players something to work towards on PvP encouraged servers.


    • Adds a suffix to players usernames representing their PvP rank
    • Example: <AngryNerd[1]>
    Click here to download


    Version 0.1
    • Initial Release!
    • Allow suffix to be configured (i.e. change color, brackets, etc.)
    • [*]Configure sorting by most kills, least deaths, or highest KDR
    • [*]Allow configurable first-place suffix (i.e. <AngryNerd[PvP God]>
    • May conflict with other chat-modifying plugins
    Submit any bugs you find in the comments, along with a stack trace (error report) if possible.

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