Inactive [CHAT] PrefixChanger V0.1 - Change your Prefix and username Colour! [#1337]

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    Beau barbera

    Name: PrefixChanger
    Version: 0.1


    Changes your prefix and name with two simple commands!

    submit bugs or ideas here

    /setprefix <colour and prefix here>
    /setcolour <colour: darkred, darkblue, black, etc..>

    Change your name
    Colours are optional
    Change your prefix

    Permission nodes: "prefix.set"

    Available Colors:
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    Used with & instead of #

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    /setprefix &4Admin
    /setcolour darkred

    Download the plugin here!

    Made with help from @dbizzzle

    Future updates:
    - Will no longer need to re-enter prefix everytime you start up server.

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    it doesnt work! i tried to install it but it no work

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