[CHAT] PlayerLog - Log files for every player v1.0 [1185]

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    Version: 1.0​
    Want to log players chat easier?​
    Then this Plugin is for you!​
    What it does:
    every player gets it's own Log file.​
    now you can track player chat easier.​
    no more searching in one Big Log file.​
    Recommendations: (direct downloads!)
    Notepad++ (Windows)​
    TextWrangler (Mac Osx)​
    Note: i do not take credit for making these! (cuz i didn't).​
    Version 1.0
    • First release!
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    eh so who is killie01? did u make this plugin?
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    I'm killie01 :), logged in on Team account, cuz im always on there
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    That Double change log spoiler is a bit useless. read the guidelines and it states, have the first 2 changelogs without a spoiler . :)
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    the 2 spoilers thing, is not my fault, i have made 1 spoiler, but the WYSIWYG editor, makes it 2, and the first one is empty

    Why do only some plugins get accepted? I have seen plugins from same date accepted/not touched

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    They are being very picky as to what to accept on the forums. They want to finalize the transition to devBukkit, which I really don't like. Plugins.bukkit.org is alot easier IMO.
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    Could u add Source or could u delete the 2 messages on first chat? =) would be nice

    and maybe commandlog :)
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    Will make it optional, and add source when im done setting my new pc up with all my backups :)
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    I second what recon88 said, love the logs and concept just not very RP'ish that they get warned that they are being logged lol
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    Can you also add A whole Log file for all chat?
    That would be amazing.
    I know you can use the consoles log but that is full of player commands and such.
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    Please upgrade to latest RB

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