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    The Login and Logout Alerts
    Version: 0.4.1

    Hi guys... I finaly figured out +/- how to make plugins for bukkit and i did this one JUST FOR TESTING, I know that Bukkit has already added the Login and Logout messages, but, I made this plugin just to figure it out, and since I am now figuring out how this works I swear that I will update this plugin many times until it becomes a great plugin!

    Bukkitdev Page:



    • Login + Logout Alert
    • Op's Login + Logout Alert
    • Config.yml to costumize the alerts
    • Removes the default bukkit alerts
    • Coloured Alerts
    • Show the world where the player logged in (can set to true or false in the config.yml)
    • Use full commands
    To do:
    • Different alerts for users/groups
    • Permissions support
    • 0.1 - Basic Login + Logout Alerts (Says - "name" has joined/left the game to all players)
    • 0.1.1 - Basic Op/NoOp Login + Logout Alerts (When Op's login it now says - Op "name" has ... and when a normal player logs in it says - "name" has... (without Op))
    • 0.2 - Config,yml for costume messages and removes default bukkit alerts
    • 0.2.1 - Now you can add colours using default bukkit colours on the config file (colours that start with &, ex: &f(white) and &c(red)
    • 0.3 - Now when someone logs in / out it shows the world where the player logged in, can set to true or to false in the config.yml file.
    • 0.4 - Now you can set the config using commands (op only commands)
    • 0.4.1 - Fixed some bugs
    • changeplayerlogin - For op's only, changes the player login message
    • changeoplogin - For op's only, changes the op login message
    • changeplayerlogout - For op's only, changes the player logout message
    • changeoplogout - For op's only, changes the op logout message
    • changeplayerprefix - For op's only. changes the player prefix
    • changeopprefix - For op's only, changes the op prefix
    • changedefault - For op's only, changes all settings to default
    • loginlogout - For op's only, shows all available commands
    Never coming:
    • Works with 1.8, tested by Kirbyflys and pwnzerama


    • stelar7 (Fixing many errors/bugs and told me how to make config)
    • Become Plugin Developer [ ]
    • 500 Downloads [X]
    • 750 Downloads [X]
    • 1000 Downloads [X]
    • 50 Thumbs up [ ]
    • 100 Thumbs up [ ]
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    Silly boy,
    for your first plugin you did nice, but mabey try something more origional?
    ** Ziggylata gives omnee the Diamond of Hope and Courage[diamond]
    Now show dem rude guys whos da plugin maekur here!
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    2. if(player.hasPermission("node")) {
    3. //do stuff
    4. } else {
    5. //tell him he can't :p
    6. }

    Or even better, define this in your main class:

    2. public boolean checkPermission(Player player, String node) {
    3. return player.hasPermission(node);
    4. }

    And do the first one but with
    1. if(plugin.checkPermission(player, "node"))
    This way if the bukkit api for permissions changes, you can quickly switch it over.
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    You should keep it, just introduced things that no one would ever think of. Don't let me change your mind :p
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    wow, silly thank you very much wow :D
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    Your download link goes to version 0.2.1 and not 0.3.
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    didnt see it, anyway the new version 0.4.1 is out
    features: changeoplogin command for ops only changes op login message
    changeoplogout command for ops only changes op logout message
    changeplayerlogin command for ops only changes player login message
    changeplayerlogout command for ops only changes player logout message
    changeopprefix command for ops only changes op prefix
    changeplayerprefix command for ops only changes player prefix

    uploading new version now


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    Tested on my 1.8.1 server. It works fine :)
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    Yes this works on Minecraft 1.8 and the new update that came out the morning of September 15th.
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    good... i didnt test it yet cause the RE of bukkit didn't came out yet, thanks for testing :p
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    You can do this with essentials...
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    yeah and? does that stop me from making any plugin that I would like to do -.-?
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    Nice, but may you add permissions-group support
    so that you can add more welcomes, not just for Player´s and Op´s
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    working on it :p
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    I just downloaded the newest version, and the messages are still default.

    # Config file for costom messages for LoginLogout
    # add bukkit colours (those that start with &) to colorify your chat!
        World: false
        Player: '&e'
        Op: '&cOp'
        Player: 'left.'
        Op: 'left.'
        Player: 'joined.'
        Op: 'joined.'
    I still get "Eagledude4 joined the game"
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    you can change em in the config or using the commands, what is your problem exactly?
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    He's showing you what he set, and it's not displaying it in game.
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    ohh... ill fix it (if it has problem in mine)

    Fixed: fixed that bug, if you change the login message by the config.yml file YOU MUST RELOAD server, if you dont want to reload server, then use commands :p
    also fixed /loginlogout command bug (now works correctly and shows all commands)

    Now a question, actualy a question for staff of bukkit, am I now good enough to become a plugin developer? I still lack the title.
    My plugin is on Releases, its supose to me get title no?

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    Takes time mate, Ive had 2 released and still not got the purple tag yet.. Not that im doing it just for that, I enjoy coding plugins :D Just wish i had more of immagination :p
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    Essentials is complete rubbish and is for new server owners and I would never use it on any server I have.
    Why would you even use Essentials anyway?

    Nice plugin @omnee! Very useful for events. I've been coding for a while and still no purple tag, but I don't care because coding is fun anyway and I don't want to be recognized.
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    Says the person who makes a plugin that can also be done in essentials, btw the least amount of plugins running on your server the better.
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    Where did you get that from? If anything, for what essentials does, the more is better, merely for update times between RBs and MC updates. Also if something goes wrong, it's more likely to be fixed. Having more smaller plugins also allows for much more customisation than essentials allows for. Much less bulk of permissions that has to be set up. New features are added quicker. I could go on, but I don't feel I should.

    Regardless, @Lithixium @BeerHuntor @omnee , I don't think they give you the tag for Plugin Developer when you post on the forums anymore. You have to make a plugin in BukkitDev for it to count I believe.
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    And how many of the Essentials commands do you use? Because when I had Essentials, I only used /i, /give, /spawnmob, /spawn, /setspawn, /kit, /god, /weather, /time and 1 or 2 more. The amount of other commands there are is ridiculous and I can't imagine all of those commands helping the server speed. Why not use 8 different plugins that do something specific rather than use 1 huge plugin that half of the commands you don't even use?

    @Relick Oh, I didn't actually know that :p
    Learnt something today now!
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    But theres a prob... I dont remember my bukkit dev name and pass, the name im almost sure it is omnee... But I dont remember pass... Well ill try to find it :p
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    I have 2 plugins on BukkitDev already, but as I said, I do it for the love of coding :)
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    8 different plugins are running on the server as 8 different processes, essentials runs as one process, it would be a lot better to run 1 extensive processes than 8 moderate processes.
    Now however,if you can get this plugin to work with iConomy and give players your currency for everyday they log in. (Like login rewards is trying to do) I will proudly support this plugin, I am just saying, get some variety.
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    Hey look, you got it!

    Also what would be good for the rewards could be that the user must be logged on the server for an amount of time before they get the reward.
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    Someone else suggested that :) but that would have to be an either or thing for the plugin. Either when they log in or when they stay logged in. And would have to focus my plugin on that. If i can find a way of making it switchable maybe. Idk.
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    Idea : can change all before the nickname and after
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    you already can do that.....
    prefix = before
    login = after when login
    logout = after when logout...
    change that in config file :p
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    Yeah but if I want use another prefix when I join/quit (2 differents prefixs)

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