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    MineMail - Full Featured Mail Plugin.
    Version: 1.3
    Author: alta189
    Static Jar: MineMail.jar

    MineMail is a full featured, standalone mail plugin for bukkit. It allows user to send messages to each other even when the player is offline! MineMail is easy to use. This was created using alta189's SQLite Library. Please leave any ideas/suggestions in the comments below! When posting errors, please post the full error from the console, your MineMail version, and the CraftBukkit version that you are running! Thanks and have fun!

    This review was done by jamescosten! Thanks. Please note that this is a review of version 1.2! It does not have all of the features of 1.3​

    • Send mail even when player is offline
    • Notification when you receive mail
    • Permissions is optional, Ops have access to all commands
    • iConomy Support - Configurable
    • Configurable Colors
    • Right click with paper in your hand to read messages (You have to enable with /mail paper)
    To Do:
    • Prevent SPAM
    • Config file to allow configuration of spam filters, colors, and prices for iconomy
    • /mail read - shows the user his unread messages
    • /mail write < recipient's name> <message> - sends the message to the recipient's
    • /mail reload - reloads the database and settings
    • /mail wipe - wipes the database after 1 minute
    • /mail paper - Toggles reading with paper
    • /mail help - shows help
    • /mail admin - shows help for wipe and reload
    • /mm - alias for /mail
    Permission Nodes:
    • minemail.reload - access to reload command
    • minemail.wipe - access to wipe command
    • minemail.admin - access to all commands
    • minemail.paper - Allows you to use the paper function
    Known Errors:
    • SQLite insert format needs to be added
    • Locked Database error
    • None Currently Reported :D
    Version 1.3
    • Recoded for better structure
    • Paper Function
    • iConomy
      • Disable/Enable
      • Send Cost
      • Receive Cost
      • OpsFree
      • Long Message Cost - Inactive. Long Messages will be added in 1.4
    • Config File
      • Configure Colors
      • iConomy Settings
    • Bug fixes
      • SQLite update
      • Message Formatting Check
    Version 1.2
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    Maybe players should be able to choose what players CAN put in. You don't want people filling you up with dirt, sand and gravel. Also, with an option such as this, it can have an evil twin called a Trash Can because it will only accept junk.
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    Or if you do a virtual chest, you can set up a filter, to send dirt and gravel and such to the Trash can, or even to delete them.

    Or you could have an option to clear the trash can after a set amount of time, or after the player checked it.

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    UPDATE: We are currently recoding some parts so that we can easily add the new features.
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    Ill hopefully be adding iConomy and BOSE economy support :D
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    Wow, thanks for this active dev team! this should become a must-have for mail! But maybe keep two versions, one which is just core and simple, and another full-featured? or make it a add-on plugin (a bit redundant here^^)
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    There will be one version. but you will be able to turn features on and off in the config file.. eg.

    PayForMail = enabled

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    Is it possible to email a user from the game, if I use my own DB authorization?
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    Ok, it was just so that there wouldn't be too many commands, thus frightening potential users. By the way, if you implement the dropbox, you could also make it so not only people could only drop things in, but also the owner can only take stuff OUT, not put them in, so that it wouldn't be used as storage (but this is a really low-priority request, actually).
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    not entirely sure. could use sql ?!

    we are talking about it :) look for an update soon, might not contain this in the next update though
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    Just a few things that are annoying if set aside... Support for apostrophes and accents in the message (and spaces for the one-line messages). If treating with items, support for colored wool and damaged armors. And, of course, if sending an item, check that the sender has it, and remove it from his inventory. Well, good luck with that, I'm off to sleep, it's 5AM in France...

    Just an idea that struck me... You could do a physical post office, maybe one in each Towny town or worldguard region, with a NPC mailman distributing mail to every registered mailbox in town. And you could only send mail when inside the post office. Oh, by the way, could you add a pay-per weight fee for sending items? With a config file, so that sending 64 flowers is cheaper that sending 64 cubes of dirt (which is close to 64 tons...). Well, I guess the mailman thing'd much more complicated, so I don't blame you if you don't implement it. But that'd be awesome! And a post office anyway would be cool. Sending a message could use paper (one per line?) or it could be free inside the post office, and paying outside?

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    we would literally need 15 of us to get that released xD
    ill link alta here :3
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    Hey, you said to leave ideas/suggestions in the comments, and this is exactly what I'm doing! I don't how you're complaining! ^^
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    im not complaining.. i like all the ideas! Keep em coming :p
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    He's not complaining. thanks for the ideas. We will look at all ideas seriously and choose which ones will be the best addition to MineMail. Ideas never hurt. We are working hard at getting everything setup so that we can start adding some of the ideas that you all have requested. We are also in the process of moving to github. :D
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    Daniel Heppner

    May I suggest using persistence?
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    This looks brilliant. Only one little suggestion, can you change the command for sending mail to just /mail? e.g. /mail <recipient> <message>
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    We use SQLite at the moment.. We are probably going to offer MySQL aswell.
    You are referring to the persistence built into bukkit yes?
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    SQLite is a form of persistence.
    Since we are saving data in an SQLite database, and it retains its value between runs, we are using persistence. :D

    We are currently looking at what will be the best setup for the commands on this plugin. The problem is that we need more than one command to write, read, and other admin things. We are trying to not tie up commands that way we can be as compatible as possible. :D

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  21. 14:54:16 [WARNING] [MineMail] Error at SQL INSERT Query: java.sql.SQLException: [SQLITE_ERROR] SQL error or missing database (near "t": syntax error)
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    Hey, silly, Do all the admins have the admin commands for this? Just wondering.
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    Delete the folder plugins/MineMail and redownload MineMail. If the problem persists let me know!
    Thanks for submitting the error!

    Only if you give them permission using permissions!

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  24. Will do, please add a wget-link for the JAR :p
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    Let me know if it works
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    Daniel Heppner

    Oh wow I'm an idiot. I meant Bukkit's persistence.
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    I don't like the built in persistence, thats why I created the SQLite lib mentioned in the description. I did not like how it worked. It had too many problems
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    Yes they do.
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    :) i assumed you did..
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    I would like to use this on my server, but I am not using any permissions plugins. Is it possible to have the program default to using op's to only have wipe/reload commands if it detects no permissions plugin? Thanks!
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    It might work, however it will work with 1.3 for sure, which we are working on :D. Follow MineMails progress on Twitter @MineMail_

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